With 15 years on the drawing table and  two years of hard work and planning, our face lift is done!  After 20 years,  our re-purposed building had siding cracking and warping, our six foot ground level marque was falling apart, our entry ramp was not up to code, our ticketing procedures were awkward, and storage was difficult to manage.  Changes have already made a lot of our internal functioning  go more smoothly and our street appearance now has hopefully added  fun to the ambiance of Brigham City.  

 A big thank-you  goes to  everyone involved in this journey.  We especially thank our generous Anonymous  Donor, and the George S. and Dolores Dore' Eccles Foundation and the Larry H. and Gail Miller Family Foundation for significant last dollar building grants.  We are also thankful for  the generosity of  Hansen Motor Company,  Ken Kennedy /Edward Jones Financial Advisors, Neal Chambers/  Autoliv IT Dept., and  all the people who have come forward with $100- $500 donations- Annette Macfarlane, Brenda Larsen, and more.  . .  AND the six eagle scouts who helped us with finishing touches like painting new entry areas and refreshing well used older ones. 

  Thanks also needs to go to all the people, foundations, and organizations  that have made our Fine Arts programming possible. This year has been extraordinary,  which  gives us many things to celebrate and a lot more people to thank. See home page if you would like to go on record as a special "Noteworthy" supporter of our programs and/or this building project.  We could still use a few more "noteworthy" donors to help with a few more details. 

(Be sure to check out the musical note plaques in our new entry tower)

The Phase 5 Building Renovation Project is Done!!

Large donor notes:

$1000 - $2490 - 12" Bronze

$2500 - $4990 - 15" Silver

$5000 +               18"  Gold

6" donor notes:

$100 - $249 - Bronze

$250 - $499 - Silver

$500 - $999 - Gold