As part of our ART-TELL week

The Fine Arts Center announced

The donation of the building south of The Fine Arts Center.  Officially recognized  with a program and Open House on Thursday, April 11

This donation is an important part of our plans to expand!  Our "Building for the Future" 

Watch for more  about our vision and what will be happening next.

Below is a slide show of

 pictures from the ART-TELL Art Show. 

  2024 Youth ART-TELL

    Art Show Winners

K – 1st Grade
1st - Brightlee Marshall
2nd – Gabriella Shawgo
3rd – Jemma Broadhead
H.M. - Aria Andreasen
H.M. - Shayna Jensen
H.M. - Genevieve Flinders

2nd – 3rd Grade
1st - Lydian Andreasen
2nd - Addelyn Vincent
3rd - Tia Lyman
H. M. – Kyla Serdar
H.M. - Gavin Richards
H.M. – Leah Nelson
H.M. - Myah Jeppsen

4th Grade
1st - Frannie Riley, Carlie
2nd - Kristi Whipple
3rd – Kiana Jensen
H.M. – Ruby Glauser
H.M. - Harrison Lyman

5th – 6th Grade
1st – Chloe Crowther
2nd - Presli Peterson

9th Grade
1st – Avery Ellsworth

2024 ART-TELL Themed Art Show for

Adults and High School Students

This year's theme:  "My Imagination"

2024 ART-TELL Art Show Winners

Best of Show / Professional
Jinglin’ in the Cavvy, Kelly Donovan

Best of Show / Amateur
Very Deer To Me, Chloe Madsen

1st Place
Dean Village, Mindi Lima

2nd Place
Kitty Wake, Ernest Brenner

3rd Place
The Walk from Stonehaven, Mindi Lima

Room with a View, Mindi Lima

Floor Exercises, Michael Goates

1st Place
Jinglin’ in the Cavvy, Kelly Donovan

2nd Place
An Imagination Unused is a Story Untold
     Jeffrey A. Lowe

3rd Place

The Storyteller, Jeffrey A. Lowe

Finding Peace in Turmoil, Jeffrey A. Lowe

Amateur / Painting
1st Place
Now See Here, Boy, Heather Lyman

2nd Place
Sunrise, Heather Lyman

3rd Place
Jackie Chan After a Punch, Ernest Brenner

Trex Skull, Sean Hermansen


Face, Sean Hermansen

3-D / Sculpture
1st Place
Very Deer to Me, Chloe Madsen

2nd Place
Hear, Mind and Soul, Susan Neidert

Fiber Arts
1st Place
Barnyard Friends, Linda Lowe

2nd Place
Shrek, Sally Warren

3rd Place
Valais Sheep, Linda Lowe

Mixed Media
1st Place
Different Air, Angelicka Romero

2nd Place
Adam and Eve, Ernest Brenner

Digital Art
1st Place
Dream, Believe, Imagine, Stephanie      Foster

2nd Place
Spear, Maya Hess – Void

3rd Place
Valk and Boomboy, Maya Hess –            Void