Punch and Judy :
A free Punch and Judy Puppet show is offered during our twice Monthly  Museum activity times.
The World of Puppetry Museum is open 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month, 3- 5 pm
Call for an appointment and private tour or puppet activity 

Puppet folk tales:
  We have a dozen  folk tales we love to tell with puppets, and often offer 2-3 of them  during our Twice monthly Museum time. They are perfect for preschool and young school age groups and can be scheduled to visit classes and community groups and /or seen here. 

For more info about the World of Puppetry Museum see HERE

Come to the

Farmers Market on

October 14th

and join us for a Harvest Festival!  

The Fine Arts Center Youth Puppet Class will be performing a fun puppet show at

4:30 pm

The Brigham City Farmer's Market is held a at the Bill of Rights Plaza,

20 North Main Street, in Brigham City.