Thank you to our volunteer 

Board Members

President: Jared Turner

Secretary: Claudia Bigler

Treasurer:  Hal Allen

Exofacial Board Member

   Executive Director:
   Susan Neidert

Additional Board Members:

   Dave R. Neidert

   Tyler Vincent

   Linda Lowe

   Blanca Schmit

   Luke Merkley

   Ernest Brenner

If you would like to volunteer as a Fine Arts Center Board Member please contact Susan Neidert at 435-723-0740

The Fine Arts Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated since May of 1999 to "Empowering lives through the Arts". We do this by promoting and providing affordable fine arts opportunities for youth and families in the community. Our goals have been to teach arts skills, inspire creativity, support local artists, and give youth and families a place they can enjoy feeling feel a part of. We strongly believe that good art can help build respect for self and community and make our community a better place to live for everyone..

Our legal registered name is Brigham City Fine Arts Council- we also do business as the Fine Arts Center or Brigham City Fine Arts Center.