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Series Pictures from some of our past concerts are below.  Visit our Facebook page for information and more pictures. 

Corey Christiansen trio

Monty Powell and Anna Wilson

Austin Weyand Acoustic Band

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Hot House West- Gypsy Swing and 1930's Jazz - October 2018

Previous concerts

Sunday Evening Strings is held the first Sunday of the month at 6:30pm

April 2 concert will feature members of Synkofa Quartet:

Violin & Upright Bass

Celtic  New-age / Jazz Music

Doors open at 6 pm for general seating

Call ahead for ADA Assistance

435-723-0740  (land-line, cannot accept texts)



 A huge thank you to Niagara Bottling Company for sponsoring this concert series and making them free to the public!

As Part of ART-TELL 2023 

We will be holding a special concert

Mystic Ripple Band

Friday, April 21, 7:30 pm

$12 / seat

Call ahead for ADA Assistance 435-723-0740

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SYNKOFA seeks to transport listeners to distant times and places only to bring them back again to the present with eyes and ears wide open. They play Celtic and world roots music with a Gypsy flair, carrying listeners to the misty Irish Highlands, the hot jazz clubs of 1950’s Paris, the stone cathedrals of the Renaissance, to the porch steps of Appalachia, and beyond!

The Celtic Jazz approach is just a springboard for the SYNKOFA Ensemble as they pluck pieces from the vines of Praetorius, Eric Satie, and David Grisman before infusing them with swing tempos, juxtaposed melodies, and extended improvisations.

Join us for the journey!

A distinctive feature of the group is their 11-year employment of “Pythagorean” tuning of A to 432 Hz instead of the old tuning of 440 Hz. It is historically prevalent and sonically organic, the 432 tuning is designed to speak to your soul and sync with universal vibrations.

FREE Sunday Evening Strings, April 2, 6:30 pm: 
Concert will feature members of Synkofa Quartet:

Theresa Ellis, violin and Stephen Wesson, upright bass

Celtic New-age / Jazz Music   Theresa and Stephen also perform in the four- piece Celtic jazz ensemble SYNKOFA, scheduled to perform Brigham City on May 19th.

Friday, May 19 concert will feature Synkofa Quartet:

7:30 pm,    $15 / seat

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