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Upcoming Auditions For:
Melodrama Auditions

Videos Due August 30

Annual Musical Melodrama: The Legend of Copper Canyon.
Directed by: Abby Chambers Robinson & Geri Garfield

On a summer day in 1886, young Emily Whitman returns home to Copper Creek from Chicago with troubling news. Her father is missing. Once home things go from bad to worse. A representative of the railroad, Eustace Blackthorne, has come to town and unusual things start to happen. There’s dirty work afoot and before all is said and done nearly all the inhabitants of Copper Creek become involved in stopping the evil plans of the villain and his motley crew. After a few unusual twists and turns, all’s well that ends well, of course. Come hiss and boo our villains and cheer on our heroes in our annual Melodrama offering presented during Peach Days!

Performance Dates: September 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th.

July 6th & 7th. At the Brigham City Fine Art Center from 7:30-9:00. 58 S 100 W Brigham City.

Live Open Auditions for 7 Women and 7 Men plus ensemble. Ages 14 and up.

Come prepared with a song of your choice (an accompanist will be provided) and there will be a cold read from the script.

Contact for any questions: Abigail Robinson- 435 730-8687

Rehearsal Schedule: A schedule will be handed out during auditions.

Rehearsals will start July 11


Lucius Pendergast – Owner of the bank and father of Reginald and Amista. A decent businessman, but he has a blind spot when it comes to his children and their underhanded shenanigans.

Reginald ‘Reggie’ Pendergast – Son of Lucius and older brother of Amista. Contemptuous of his father, he has plans of his own. He is clever but not nearly as clever as he thinks he is.

Amista ‘Missy’ Pendergast – Daughter of Lucius and younger sister of Reginald. Reggie’s partner in crime. Shares his contempt for her father, but not any smarter than her brother.

Molly Murphy – A young lady out on her own. The bank secretary and confidant of Lucius.

Eustace Blackthorne – Representative of the railroad. Evil as they come, he is out to swindle everyone – the ranchers, the banker, the law, and even the railroad. A liar and a con at every turn and a thorn in everyone’s side.

Sheriff Shirley ‘Dusty’ Derwood – Town sheriff of Copper Creek. She hates her given name. A good enough sheriff when she is not looking for her wayward horse, Chester.

Deputy Michael ‘Micky’ Flannigan – new to the area, he has never met Emily Whitman. He has a good sense of humor. Pays special attention to Emily when she returns.

Amelia Whitman – The oldest daughter of Rancher Whitman. Beautiful and kind, she is the responsible older sister and takes her job seriously. A peacemaker with a cool head.

Emily Whitman – Second of the three Whitman girls. The adventurous one. Enlists the aid of others to thwart Blackthorne. Shows interest in the earnest young deputy.

Felicity Whitman – The youngest of the three Whitman daughters. She is young and gullible. Believes most anything she is told and, as is the case with younger sisters, she is a tagalong. Extremely curious.

Wilhelmina ‘Mina’ Gerflugenfϋs – The Whitman’s housekeeper. She is the girls’ confidant. They call her Mina. Everyone else calls her Miss Gerflugenfϋs (if they can).

Silas Harte – The Whitman’s ranch foreman. He has long been in love with Amelia Whitman.

Colt Lawson – Federal Marshall detailed to escort Emily Whitman home. He is drawn into things whether he likes it or not.

Mercilus Brown – A mountain man. Literally a man of the mountain, he guards the land against intrusion by unwelcome people and influences. He has a great connection with Emily Whitman as he had a connection with her grandfather.


Videos Due May 22
Callbacks TBD
Ages 7 – 18

Auditions will be held August 23 – 24, 6:30 – 8:30 pm, with Call backs held on August 25 by invitation only.

This fall The Fine Arts Center will leave the world above and travel under the sea by putting on a production of Disney’s, The Little Mermaid Jr. This classic story will take the stage December 8-12, 2022

Instructor: Colton Kraus

Cast fee $45

Little Mermaid Jr. Auditions.