Teen Corner

The Fine Arts Center has several classes and programs for teens.  Some are free and some require a class fee.  Please check the descriptions for cost information.

Also see our Facebook page HERE for pictures from our teen programs.  

Also, the adult classes welcome teens so check them out HERE

Improv Night

Ages 14-19

Improv Night is held every Friday

For Teens:  4:00 -5:00 pm

Adults:  5:00 - 6:00 pm

Cost: Free

For more information, please call


Click here for more info

Check out the Fall 2023  classes for Youth and Teens HERE

The Apollo Theatre Company is a relatively new program at the Brigham City Fine Arts Center. It consists of 8-10 week intensive performance experiences for students in 7th-11th grade. This will be a time frame where students will be able to expand on and polish their skills, along with having a better understanding of characterization, dynamics, and stage presence. This will include musical theatre experience.  More info HERE

Classes for Adults and Teens HERE
Youth in Action Volunteer Club HERE