Teen Corner

The Fine Arts Center has several classes and programs for teens.  Some are free and some require a class fee.  Please check the descriptions for cost information.

Visit our Facebook page HERE to see pictures and updates of our teen programs.

Wednesdays 3:45-5pm. Meets year round.

Ages 12-15 years old.

Cost:  FREE

Pay it Forward is a youth service volunteer group. They meet with a mentor each week and participate in planning and executing a variety of service projects.  More Pay it Forward information can be found HERE.

Improv Faction

Thursdays 5-6pm. Meets year round.

Ages 9th grade and up

Cost:  FREE

Try your hand at improvisation!!  Improv Faction invites students 9th-12th grade and up to join them for weekly improvisation fun.  Everyone is welcome!

This Improv Faction group will also periodically have the opportunity to perform for special community programs.

The sessions are moderated by Bruce Baird, with over 6 years of improv experience.  He will be helping students learn and develop poise, wit, humor, ad-libbing, and characterization skills on stage.  Stop in to watch or try it out in this fun and supportive environment. 

Summer session of Garage Band just ended with a fun concert!  See pictures and videos HERE.

Watch our Winter/Spring schedule for the next session.

For teens and young adults. Students learn to work together as a band, learn a variety of music genres from popular songs to originals. They also learn about professional sound equipment. 

Garage Band