Community Talent Night,

Friday, Oct 9, 7 pm   

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$10 / seat,   $8 / Students w/ID

Community Talent Night

Friday, October 9, 2020,  7 pm

Auditions will be

Sat. September 26, from 6-8 pm by appointment. 

Each person / group interested in participating in the Community Talent Night:

* Register for audition by 9 / 24   435-723-0740  or


* Prepare and preform approximately 10 

      minutes of your talent at audition.

* 6 - 8 talents will be chosen to participate in the        Oct. 9th Community Talent Night.  Each will   

      perform for 10 minutes.  

* We are also looking for an MC to do jokes and     entertain while groups are entering & exiting.   Please contact us if interested and come to   auditions prepared with transition material.

Community Talent Night

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