Music in the City

Great music and great fun for everyone!

Series Pictures from some of our past concerts are below.  

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Corey Christiansen trio

Monty Powell and Anna Wilson

Austin Weyand Acoustic Band

Concerts are being sponsored in large part by
"Excellence in the Community"
who wants everyone to have a chance to enjoy good live music. 

Fees to have this band here are all being covered by Excellence in the Community

Donations  are needed and welcome
to help cover venue costs  and  future concert series.

You can make a donation here.

Hot House West- Gypsy Swing and 1930's Jazz - October 2018

"Music in the City" Brigham City Fine Arts Concert Series

This season's Music in the City concert series ended on a high note with a really top notch show and a very full house. Thank you Austin and Group and thank you to all of the Brigham City and Northern Utah crowd who came out to support the concert series.

Watch for more info on a 2019-2020 Music in the City Concert series as we plan to start again in October.