Themed Art Show Gallery

For Adults and High School Students.  Thanks to all who entered art work. 

2021 ART-TELL Art Show Winners
In Picture: Alexa Crookston 2nd Place Student, Brenda Brunello H. M. Amateur, Leonard Hawkes 1st Place Amateur, Jeffrey Lowe 1st Professional & People’s Choice, Linda Larsen Best of Show, Sharleen Wilson 2nd Place Professional, Alex Kafton H. M. Photography, Val Maughan People’s Choice, Rebecca Dilg 3rd Amateur, Michael Goates 3rd Photography

Our 2022 ART-TELL Art Show winners are:

Best of Theme:  Val Maugham

People's Choice Award: Sally Warren


1st Place:  Ernest Brenner

2nd Place: Ernest Brenner

3rd Place: Michael Goates

3rd Place: Alex Kafton

H. M.: Susan Neidert

Professional Category:

1st Place: Jeffrey A. Lowe

2nd Place: Sharleen Wilson

3rd Place: Jeffrey A. Lowe

H.M.: Sharleen Wilson

Amateur Painting:

1st Place: Val Maughan

2ns Place: Ernest Brenner

3rd Place: Leonard Hawkes

H.M.: Lynn Wright

Amateur Drawing:

1st Place: Lynn Wright

2nd Place: Lynn Wright

3-D Sculpture / Ceramics:

1st Place: Ernest Brenner

2nd Place: Sally Warren

H.M.: Ernest Brenner

Fiber Arts:

1st Place: Sharon Williams

2nd Place: Sally Warren

H.M.: Sally Warren