Our Pay It Forward

Teen Youth group Volunteer Service Program

Will not be meeting due to Covid 19 mandates. We will be meeting again the Wednesday after Thanksgiving (12/02/2020)    

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Our Mission is Empowering lives through the Arts. We are an IRS 501 C (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and providing affordable fine arts opportunities for youth and families in the community. No child is turned away because of inability to pay. 

*All donated funds go directly to supporting classes and programs.  We offer free bi-monthly parent child preschool programs, afterschool classes, summer camps, a year round theatre program for youth and adults, year round free teen activities, adult classes and a nationally recognized World of Puppetry Museum.

Donations help us keep these programs affordable and/or free so that no child is left out because of inability to pay.  We also welcome funds to help cover the building renovation or supporting a concert series. 

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We are also part of "Give Local" for Box Elder county. Watch for more information about how we and other non-profits serve this community at  www.givelocalnu.org

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November 9, 2020

**Due to Governor Herbert's Covid mandates we will be postponing all classes and events for 2 weeks.

 A Special Thanks: We would like to Thank Colton Kraus and the rest of the cast and crew for helping put together "Monsters of Hazeltine Manor" It was a fun show and everyone did a great job at making it a Halloween  to remember.

PRESCHOOL PUPPET &  MUSIC TIMES: Due to Covid mandates Preschool Puppet and Music time will not be held in person for the month of November. Please check our Facebook page for an online video earlier in the week.

SAFETY MEASURES:  Please note,  We are part of  "Stay Safe to Stay Open" and will be following Covid safety guidelines.  Audiences and students are being  asked to wear masks. 

Teen Improv is back!  watch for various  1st and 3rd Friday nights for this event: 6 - 7:30 pm

**Teen Improv will not be conducted on the 20th of November due Covid mandates, watch for Dec. dates

The  World of Puppetry Museum is also now open on  first and third Saturdays from 1:00-4:00 pm. Please call a day ahead to schedule a visit. 

**Open mic night and The World of Puppetry Museum will not be conducted on the 21st of November due to Covid mandates. Please look for December dates. 


 Keep washing  your hands, wear your masks, and stay healthy !  

Susan Neidert for The Fine Arts Center 

Check out this

page to see a list of

At-Home Craft Ideas

We are offering

FREE online ink drawing class

with one of our favorite art educators and artists, Jeffrey Lowe. 


Help Us Keep

Our Boat Afloat!

 We believe good art experiences help students and adults not only learn new skills but develop their creativity, their self-confidence and their appreciation for community. We have enjoyed helping over 4500 youth a year and would like to continue to do so. While we have been able to keep a few programs going during the Covid 19 pandemic, it has been a challenge and required learning new video skills.
Teen classes require more scholarships and most virtual classes are being offered for free. We’ve also lost rent income that helped us make ends meet. We are hoping to raise $3600 to help us stay on track and KEEP  a variety of  Fall  classes going. 

Please consider helping. Thanks to some really awesome people,  we are a little over half of the way there! 

Donate $100 or more and get your name engraved on a musical note prominently displayed in the Fine Arts Center's

Ticket Booth Tower. 

Week 12 of our
"Help Us Keep Our Boat Afloat" Fundraiser!
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Improv will not be meeting on the 20th due to Covid mandates please check back for Dec. Dates

James and the Giant Peach Slide Show

More "Help Us Keep Our Boat Afloat" in above video

Other groups that use the Fine Arts Center

*Tanner Dance: U of U creative dance satellite program, www.tannerdance.utah.edu Satelite Class in Brigham City by Sandy Christensen - to be postponed for the 2020-2021 school year. 

*Guitar Lessons w/Austin Weyand: group & private lessons  435-452-2352www.austinweyand.com ( Tuesdays or Thursdays as arranged. 

*Art Lessons w/Kelly Donavan:

kellydonovanartschool@gmail.com or call  435-225-3536

*Discounts for any of these programs are not guaranteed by the Fine Arts Center, but are provided by the individual instructors and/or the programs they represent. 

Open Mic Night 

Due to Covid mandates we will not be holding Open mic night in November please check for Dec. dates

Paint Party

Nov. 28, 2020,   1-4 pm

     Due to Governor Herbert's Covid mandates we will be postponing Paint party until the 28th of November.

We are a 501 c (3)  nonprofit and your donations are tax deductible .