2017  ART TELL  “Our Legacy”

Above, Emily Haynie with drawing titled              Above:  Left to Right:  Doug Teeples, Kelly Donovan, Jeffrey Lowe
"Mama"                                                                            Sheryll Jungert

Winners, left to right
Sally Warren:  1st place in Coloring Contest for Adults
Greg Putnam:  2nd place Photography, Amateur Division
Kay Hodges:  1st place photography, Amateur Division & People's Choice Award

Art Show Winners

1st Place:  Jeffrey A. Lowe  “The Little Match Girl”
2nd Place:  Kelly Donovan  “Zion’s Ponies”
Honorable Mention:  Doug Teeples  “Leading Music” 

1st Place - Painting:  Sheryll Jungert,  “Basket of Apples”
1st  Place – Photography:  Kay Hodges,  “Frosty Bird Trio”
2nd Place – Photography:  Greg Putnam,  “Williamsburg, Virginia”
Honorable Mention:  Emily Haynie,  “Mama”

 Special Recognition Award:
Addisen Davidsavor,  “From Legacy to Legend”
Kelby Anderson,  “From Legacy to Legend”

 People’s Choice Award:
1st Place,  Kay Hodges- Frosty Bird Trio
2nd Place,  Jeffery A Lowe – The Little Match Girl

 Coloring Contest for Adults Winners
1st Place:  Sally Warren
2nd Place:  Jana Cook

Youth Art Tell Winners 2017
Above:  Back Row:  Lyle Norton, Zachary Mortensen,  Alisha Stott, Sierra Nielsen
Front Row:  Erika Jones,  Lindsay Bott, Lainee Roberts,  Vince Bott

5-8 year olds______________________________________

1st Place
Lainee Roberts
Parent: Britni Roberts

 2nd Place
Vince Bott
Parents Ken & Heather Bott 

9-12 year olds_____________________________________

1st Place
Lindsay Bott
Parents: Ken & Heather Bott

 2nd Place
Erika Jones
Parents: Denyehl & Craig Jones

13-14 year olds____________________________________

1st Place
Zachary Mortensen
Parents: Mylinda & Marshall Mortensen

 2nd Place
Sierra Nielsen
Parent: Jeanetter Nielsen

14 and 15 year olds________________________________

1st Place
Kyle Norton
Parents: Danny & Cecilia Norton

 2nd Place
Alisha Stott
Parent: Cheryl Stott 

This is an annual event that encourages art as a storyteller and Storytelling as an art. The event is held at the Fine Arts Center and at USU Brigham City. A new theme is picked every year. 

Below are notes on participants and winners from last year:
Thanks to everyone who joined us for this week-long event which also featured youth storytellers, a youth art contest, a Music in the City Concert, and a gala dinner celebration.
“My Inspiration Is . . .”
2016, ART-TELL Juried Art Show Winners

Coloring Page Contest
1st Place: Jorilynn Wardle, “Colorful Horses”

2nd Place: Julie Collings, “ I love the Ocean”

Honorable Mention: Jana Cook, “Beautiful Flowers”



        1st Place:  Trish Painter,  “Syd and Bug”

        2nd Place:  Emily Haynie,  “Life in the City”

        Honorable Mention:  Jake Gilmore,  “Bippo’s Bridge”

        Honorable Mention:  Greg Putnam,  “Old Man Not in the Mountains”



        1st Place:  Jeffrey Lowe,  “Color Dazzle”

        2nd Place:  Kelly Donovan,  “Wyoming Spring”

        3rd Place:  Jeffrey Lowe,  “Lindsey Sterling –Independent Hero”

        Honorable Mention:  Loni Newby,  “Reaching Out”

People's Choice also went to  Jeffery A. Lowe for his  Lindsey Sterling drawing.

Other 2016 winners and pictures:

  2016   Adult and High school Themed art contest winners: ( in progress)

Kelly Donovan 2nd Place professional                                                       Loni Newby

                                                          Trish Painter- first place 

Jeffery A Lowe - First Place Professional

Brigham City Fine Arts Center Art-Tell Contest April 2106 - Calling all entries!

New but similar guidelines will be posted on or before January 1, 2017.

Click here for 2016 guidelines, categories, schedule and other information about this year's Art-Tell!
Download/Print "Call for Entries" Guidelines and Information Sheet, CLICK HERE!
Similar guidelines and updates on times and 2017 dates will be posted  mid January next year. 

Here are pictures and stories from last year's event below:
Our Eighth annual (2015) ART-TELL theme of: "In the Eye of the Beholder" was a Huge Success! 

This annual event that encourages art as a storyteller and storytelling as an art was held April 13 through 18th. The event was held at the Fine Arts Center and at USU Brigham City. 
ART-TELL 2015 Art Show winners:


Kay Hodges, Tina Lerohl, Kelly Donovan, Mike Collins, Jeffrey Lowe, Emma Zaugg

Best of Show, Professional:  Jeffrey Lowe, “Magnify the Eye"

1st Place, Professional:  Kelly Donovan,  “Peelin’ Taters”

2nd Place, Professional:  Mike Collins,  “Mirror, Mirror”


Best of show, Amateur:  Kay Hodges,  “Door and Window”

1st Place, Amateur:  Emma Zaugg,  “King Quail”

2nd Place, Amateur: Tina Lerohl,  “Old Things Forgotten”


People’s Choice Award:  Tina Lerohl, “Old Things Forgotten”

2015 youth art  winners

Back row:  Tasha Tanner,  Anne Jetton, Savanah Jones, Kayley Harris, Emma Wright, Charleigh Scott, Tiffany Everton, Sarah Johnson,

Front row:  Aaron Findlay, Ericka Jones, Brayden Boyce, Kirsten Keller
Not pictured:  Amelia Kohl

2015 ART-TELL  Youth Art Winners: 
8-9 year old division:     1st- Ericka Jones
                                  2nd- Brayden Boyce
10-11 year old division:  1st- Aaron Findlay
                                   2nd- Kirsten Keller
12-13 year old division:  1st- Charleigh Scott
                                   2nd- Kayley Harris
                                   3rd- Tiffany Everton
14 year old division:        1st- Anne Jetton
                                   2nd- Sarah Johnson
                                   3rd- Amelia Kohl
15 year old division:    Grand Prize - Tasha Tanner
                                    1st Place- Savanah Jones
                                    2nd Place- Emma Wright

Storytelling winners:
 Jaxon Jones, Emmalee Parkin, Amber Dawn Kaminsky, Rebecca Delaney

2015 Youth Storytelling Contest Winners:
Emmalee Parkin, 9 year old, 1st place
Rebecca Delaney, 11 year old, 1st place
Jaxon Jones, 11 year old, 1st place
Amber Dawn Kaminsky, 12 year old, 1st place