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About our Instructors




Our mission is to promote and provide fine arts opportunities for youth and families in the community as well as oversee the Fine Arts Center and its World of Puppetry Museum.  Our ultimate goal is to add to quality of life and sense of community by offering a variety of arts experiences that offer inspiration, teach skills and  allow artists a voice. Giving local artists a chance to teach and  share their knowledge and interests with those around them, has  been an awesome experience and community builder for us.   Whenever possible we also  look for ways for  young artists  to enlighten the lives of those around them.


Last but not least we want to always encourage respect, leadership,  and positive interaction for our participants within the community,  especially for our youth.  


Classes are chosen according to input from the community, but instructors are chosen according to their experience, educational background, and success in teaching. 


1. Instructors are interviewed for their educational background and the knowledge of the discipline they are being asked to teach.  Teaching or arts degrees and successful arts experience are a priority.

2. Communities that Care guide lines are used.  Instructors are asked to:

            a.  Assess the starting level of students, and review  goals ( yours and theirs), 

            b.  State the related arts concepts they are covering (to help students understand  the  concepts and skills being taught), 

            c. Point out important skills and concepts being learned.

            d. Help provide a fun and non threatening, learning environment.

            e. Give every student a voice, and encourage leadership attributes.   

            d. Find ways to help students utilize and celebrate their new skills with a final show or presentation.  

3.  We work on positive ways to mix entry level students with more advanced students, especially  in our youth classes.  Experienced students need a challenge, while beginners need to feel they can accomplish a new technique or idea. When appropriate, students are encouraged to share with or teach their peers to re-inforce learning.


Current Instructors Summer 2011: 


Ann Bailey: ( Summer Theater Camp teacher )

            Education:     Associates Degree in Theatre Arts, Ricks College

                                    B. A. degree in Theatre Arts – Utah State University

            Experiences:  Ann taught for two years in the public schools - first middle school then high school.  Classes included English Drama and
                                    She was a member of an “Academy Players “ Troupe at Ricks College, acting,  directing, doing set assembly, costumes                                     and make- up.  She has directed  plays at Duchesne High school, and Lyman College
                                     Ann has remained active in theater by performing in numerous community theatre productions and helping to direct
                                                     at Heritage Theater in Perry , Utah . 
                                      She has been successfully offering youth theater classes for us since the summer  of  2006.

            Other Qualifications: Ann has been good at inspiring confidence in almost any student.


Barbara Dawson ( High school improv and theater instructor, other youth theater classes)

            Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Development at BYU

                             Additional college level theater classes in Acting.

            Experiences: Over 7 years of  teaching youth theater programs  for us

                              Five years directing our high school age Improv troupe: “Improv Faction.”

            Other Qualifications: Barbara is an instructor that is always prepared and promotes good  acting skills as well as the respect of her
                               students. She is always coming up with unusual and fun productions to do.


Jennifer Delaney ( Wasatch youth Choir, our older youth choir program)

            Education: BA degree in Early Childhood Education with an emphasis in Language Arts


            Experience; Worked for Box Elder School District’s early learning Center  helping to develop and implement small group activities for 2

                                Offered state recognized day care services for 5 years.

                                Started a preschool based on music and literature.

                                Has been youth choir instructor at the Fine Arts Center for over a year.      

            Other Qualifications: Jennifer has a great philosophy of helping youth to take  responsibility for their learning, wants to see quality
                                   programs offered to youth,  and works very well with children.           


Amber Hansen: ( Summer Nature and Art Camps, in drawing and wildlife studies)

            Education: Associates degree in Science from Weber State University

                             3 plus years of classes toward a BFA in Fine Arts with an emphasis on a variety of media.

                             Art studies under Steve Songer and Donna Kearney.

                             Certified as a wild life rehab worker

            Experience: Art has been important to Amber since Junior high. She was a State Sterling  scholar in Visual Arts in high school and has
                               won many art competitions since then.  This is her third year teaching for us.
            Other Qualifications: Amber appreciates the individuality of her students and likes to make art a multi-facetted learning
                              experience.  She is also a real asset in  helping youth appreciate the large birds at the Nature camp Bird Refuge site.


Verlyn King: ( Arts and Crafts teacher)

            Education:  Associates degree in Commercial Art from Salt Lake Community College.

                                Arts Classes from Utah State University in fabric design, needle work, fabric arts, and printmaking.

            Experience: Verlyn has been teaching community arts classes for over 16 years first in West Valley and then Box Elder County.  She has
                                 taught classes in her  home and for several community programs. She has been teaching  classes for us since 2004.
            Other Qualifications: Verlyn works hard to help students successfully complete a project.  She like to use a variety of media and loves to
                                   mix unique materials with traditional media. 


Whitney McCormick: ( Art Camp Theater Instructor)

            Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Drama and theatre Arts with a stage craft minor

                               Also a degree in secondary education with a teaching minor

            Experience: High school Drama teacher for Weber School District  for 3 years.

                                Over 200 hours volunteer service to community theater, experience with stage  and lighting crews, costume coordination. Has
                                 organized and offers Princess parties.


 Susan Neidert: ( Puppetry workshops Instructor)

            Educations: BSN from Kent State University and advanced certification in Nursing from  Ohio State University

                        15 years of weeklong festivals/workshops with Puppeteers of America

                        Numerous workshops on small group education and  children’s learning abilities.

                        Numerous classes in the visual arts.

            Experiences: Over 15 years as clinic director,  11 years as director of the Fine Arts Center

                        Over 18 years of experience teaching various puppetry workshops.
           Other Qualifications:  Susan loves to experiment with all types of puppets and loves to see students motivated to be creative.


Karen Nelson: (Children’s book making and Arts and Crafts)

            Education: Associate Degree in American Studies from the University of Maryland with an emphasis in Art, History and Literature.

                        Many private lessons in pen and ink, oil painting, watercolor, acrylics, and pencil.

            Experiences:  Taught Jr High art in Schevrly Maryland

                        Elementary art teacher for Box Elder Schools for over 4 years.

                        Scenery designer and painter for Heritage Theater

                         Past member of Society of Children’s Picture Book Writers and Illustrators

                        Numerous awards for essays and poetry, published in the Golden Spike Anthology.

            Other Qualifications: Karen is a quick and astute learner who knows how to share art  ideas and inspire youth.


Janni Richards: ( Wasatch youth choir director and instructor)

            Education: Cypress College School of Performing Arts fir 2 years

                           Training and performing with Young Americans for 2 ½ years

                            Has almost completed her Bachelor’s degree in education with a minor in music

            Experience:  Young Americans performances

                            Served as a private lesson voice teacher for several years

                            Director of the Fine Arts Center children’s choir for 5 years

            Other Qualifications: Janni is very familiar with the Communities that Care philosophy and knows how to inspire students while keeping
                              them organized and focused.          


Bonnie Richardson: ( Theater teacher and Puppets in the Park instructor)

            Education:  Associates Degree in Business at LDS Business college

            Experience:  Over 30 years of  on stage theatre experience- participating in plays, and helping back stage.

                                 Over 7 years directing youth theater

                                  A successful theater teacher for the Fine Arts Center for over 4 years.

            Other qualifications: As a fun loving mother of 6, Bonnie  knows how to keep students motivated and help even shy students enjoy getting
                                on stage.     


Christine Roybal: ( Drawing and Art Camp Science teacher)

            Education: Masters degree in Aesthetics from the University of Utah  in Dance, Theater and Visual Arts.  

            Experience: Has taught in public schools for over 40 years- 25 years for the Box Elder School district.

                        Has served as a school district art teacher  for grades K-6 for four years in the past.

            Other Qualifications:  Loves to challenge students to do their best and discover art as they go. Recent “Teacher of the Year”  recognition
                         from her school.