Puppet Stage & Video

Here is a super, duper DIY portable stage- made from an inexpensive  closet organizer.

Visit our Youtube page for an introduction to this stage* and how we put it together. Be sure to subscribe to our channel! Enjoy!!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzgut61R3ZjAmof21PSVjJg
Puppet stage by Susan Neidert,
Puppet by Shelby Rickart of Kipper Brother's puppets
Puppeteer: Kylee Miller
Videographer: Colton Kraus,
Video editing: Jeni Brockbank.

*PS: We missed in the introduction that you would want to purchase not only a 28-32inch wood dowel for the scrim curtain, but also two lengths of 6 foot long PVC pipe and possibly two T fittings and a 28 inch brace piece between the pipes. (So you need to know how to cut PVC pipe as well as sew.)

We made two of these stages for under $75 of supplies, each. The second one is covered with a black and gold quilt from a recycle store. (Pictures coming)

Bon Voyage: Stages are so durable, they have been to Mexico twice and one went to the Phillipines and back!! We did this by cutting the top square frame in half to fit everything more easily into a draw string bag. That cut top piece can be slipped back together with an inner piece of dowel glued in place and half of a bicycle handle that fits snugly over the outside of the seamed area. Our stages work well for 1-3 puppeteers (with puppets teaching or telling stories!!!)

Feel free to write us for questions or more ideas. bcfineartscenter@aol.com ~Susan