Come Join One of Our fabulous volunteer Groups!

Help hang posters and deliver brochures or become one of the small army of professionals who contribute their special skills to the Brigham City Fine Arts Center. Services that have been contributed to the Center include cleaning, repair, sewing, painting, graphic design, furniture repair, IT support, marketing, legal and accounting services and interior design.

As a community oriented non-profit organization, we depend on volunteers to help us accomplish a lot of what we do. We hope anyone reading this page will help us thank the folks listed below. We are often in need of special project volunteers- ie during our ART-TELL event serving as art gallery hosts and helping to set up for a formal dinner. Please feel free to contact our office at 435-723-0740 for more information about what you can do to help.

Adult Volunteers Time - Meet every Tuesday from 9:30 - noon.
  • Craft projects (Bring your own or help with ours.)
  • Light cleaning
  • Typing
  • Office Assistant
  • Come for the community and service, stay for lunch.

Teen Volunteers - Pay It Forward Group - Meet Every Wednesday 3:45 - 5:15

  • Build a resume
  • Leadership training
  • Community service

Scout Projects

  • Come in and visit with us or call, we have ideas and projects.

Other Community Service Volunteers

  • We welcome--
  • Court ordered service time
  • School class requirements
  • YW service hours

Special thanks to the following Volunteers:
Board members:  Jenn Delaney,  Dave Neidert, Jeff Lowe, Linda Lowe, Austin Weyand, Heather Braegger, Ryan Erwin, Sebastian Smith, and Dave Kafton And recent past volunteers: Heather Millburn, Hal Allen, Greg Putnam, and Susan Behring, 
Other Office and Staff Volunteers:
Director: Susan Neidert
Publicity Specialist: Sarah Yates
Special Project helpers: 
Melodrama director: 
Geri Garfield
Pay it Forward Adult mentor volunteers: Marilyn Peterson, Diana Donat, Kris Nelson

  • Short term deep cleaning:  Dusting and reorganizing our reading corner bookshelf.
  • Help with recording and putting away new costumes in our prop closet.
  • Person(s) to distribute event posters/fliers
  • Prepping of supplies for puppet and craft workshops
  • Equipment repair- electronics/ sound equipment  care