Puppet Shows

Punch and Judy : A free Punch and Judy Puppet show is offered during our twice Monthly  Museum activity times.

Puppet folk tales:
  We have a dozen  folk tales we love to tell with puppets, and often offer 2-3 of them  during our Twice monthly Museum time. They are perfect for preschool and young school age groups and can be scheduled to visit classes and community groups and /or seen here. 

Other  upcoming Puppet shows:
March 21, 2020: We are planning a Community Puppetry day on Saturday March 21 in conjunction with the Northern Utah Puppetry Guild. Puppet show will be be during the Afternoon Museum time. More details coming shortly. 

August 2020:  3rd Annual Puppets at the Market,  to be planned out doors in  downtown Brigham City on a Saturday afternoon.