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There's No PLace Like Oz

There's No Pace Like Oz

$8 Adults

$6 Students

Synopsis: Dorothy Gale once visited a magical land, this land was called Oz, through adventures, near-death encounters, and a jumble of new friends and unique trials, she ultimately learned that everything she wanted is right in her own backyard, but was that the truth? And what happens when all that is gone? We now see Dorothy when her family is gone, and all she has left to cling to are her technicolor dreams. Finally, with three clicks of her heels, she returns to Oz, only to find the Good Witch of the North has turned wicked. Dorothy must help her friends Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion regain the gifts the wizard gave them while defeating another Wicked Witch along the way. Featuring parodies of some of the best songs from some great musicals, No Place Like Oz is sure to leave you feeling nostalgic for the 1939 Classic, as well as have you appreciate modern-day theatre as well as the talented people who take part in it.
Encore Performance Added!
Tuesday, Nov 15, 7:30 pm
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Go over the rainbow one more time with the cast of No Place Like Oz!
With a preshow performed by the Performers of the Future (Apollo Juniors Group