Art-tell Youth Art Contest 2012

Copy  below - 1 inch side margins  and .7 top and .4 bottom margins best: - bottom description sectionbest as all one piece.  
 2012  ART-TELL Youth Art Contest Application  
Due March 29th (by 5 pm) Art work should be 7 ½ inches by 10 inches and  glued to a 9x12 colored construction paper.  (See additional guidelines at 
Please make sure student name and phone no. is  lightly penciled-in on back of art. Attach entry form with  paper (No staples please)

Student's Name                                                                            age                   


School attended and grade                                                               


Parent's name                                                           Phone Numbers                             


Home address:                                                                                                                   


City and zip code:                                                                                                                


Story Title:                                                                                                                  


Author:                                                                                          (Please give an author.  As appropriate, if there is no book author, list “self”, “family story”, or  “general domain” if a folk  tale tale etc.)


Verification and  Consent :    Youth Art  Contest 2012

 As parent/guardian, I verify that this art work has been completed entirely by  (student's name)                                                          . 


 I understand that all effort will be made to preserve the entry, however, in case of any unforeseen incident, any damage will not be held against the  Fine Art Center.   Artwork submitted will be available to be picked up at the Fine Arts Center April 23 through 30. (and held no more than two weeks )  


 I further give consent for the Fine Arts Center to publish articles or pictures of said student and their artwork to promote the event and announce winners, etc.  



Signature                                             Relationship                                                          date


Return with description below to: The Fine Arts Center, 58 So. 100 West, Brigham City, UT  84302,* 

Phone.  435-723-0740,    e-mail:   (* We also have made arrangements to pick these up from most  BESD school offices. )


Students need to provide a one to two sentence explanation/ description of their picture below: