Preparation for Fine Arts Center ART-TELL Storytelling Contest 2009

The Fine Arts Center  , 58 South 100 West in Brigham City, Utah  84302

Updated March 5th,  2009

The 2nd annual contest will be held in March of 2010 watch this site after jan 2010 fo more details.  All entrants must be from Northern Utah:  Weber, Box Elder, Rich or Cache counties.


CATEGORIES: Students will be judged by grade level ( or equivalent) as below or as seems appropriate per entires and judges determination.  

                                  1st -3rd grade,  4th  & 5th  grade,  6 through 8th grade, and 9th grade and up.

JUDGING CRITERIA: You are also welcome to stop by the Fine Arts Center for a copy of the judging criteria which includes: Set-up –engaging intro, Poise, enunciation, voice expression, eye contact, facial expression, body language, appropriate gestures, pacing, enthusiasm  and connection, satisfying ending,  familiarity with the story, story flow, uniqueness of telling.

You are also welcome to schedule a time for your student to practice on a microphone Wednesday or Thursday  after school and possibly Friday before the contest- call 435-723-0740 to schedule. ( March 11- 13)



Stories need to be 3 to 5 minutes in length.  Students will be expected to announce the title and the source of the story: ie author, or origin of the story.

 1. Find a good story that you like.   We recommend a folk tale or legend, a favorite book, or a family story.  Library sections 398.2 have many good “telling” stories.  Just make sure it has a clear beginning, middle and end.  

2. Read your story several times so that you know it.  Learn the repetitious lines.  Then tell the main part of the story in your own words,   so you don’t sound memorized. 

3. After you are familiar with your story, practice it out loud alone in your room so you can create characters comfortably.  Use different voices and actions to define each character.

4. If there is only narration in the story, change some of it into dialogue ( what the characters say) to make it more exciting

5. Make sure you speak clearly.  Speak up and be careful not to get quieter at the end of a line or sentence.  Think  “bring the end of the line up!”   ( and not down).  

6. Look for and bring out emotion in your story: happiness, sadness, apprehension, etc.

7. Picture what is happening in your mind as you tell.  If you can visualize it, your audience will be able to “see it”  too.  It will help you keep track of where you are in the story.   A prop or picture can also be utilized but must be held up and kept engaged in the story and students need to take care it does not become distracting.

8. Practice your story out loud as much as you can.  Practice in front of a mirror, then practice in front of family or friends.  It is really good to get used to practicing in front of people

9. Good luck!  Have confidence and go for it! 


Registration form below can be copied and sent with student or filled in when student arrives.


The  Fine Arts Center of Brigham City Youth Storytelling Registration:  

 (Phone registration Due                                                                         )  

 Students full name:                                                                                                         


                        City, state, zip:                                                                                                         

Parents/ guardian name(s) :                                                                               
Student’s birth date:                                                      
Grade in school or grade level equivalent:                                                                                
School that you are currently attending:                                                                                           
Title of Story and original author or source of story if known                                                                                                         


Other Hobbies and interests:                                                                                                                                                                               

Person who has encouraged you the most in story telling:                                                  

PHONE OR E-MAIL REGISTRATION:  INTENT TO 435-723--0740 OR bcfineartscenter@AOL.COM


I give my consent for   ________________   to attend this event at the Fine Arts Center. I understand that every effort will be made to provide a safe and well supervised environment and offer a positive learning experience. I will make sure this student is picked up or has transportation to get home no later than 5 minutes after the end of the event.


I give my consent for The Fine Arts Center to publish or print articles or pictures of______________________ for use in advertising, funding, or promoting the Fine Arts Center Programs.


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Information  can also be mailed to :  ( postmarked by                                           )

The Fine Arts Center/  Storytelling

58 South 100 West, 

Brigham City, Utah 84302