UPDATED May 19th  2009



  This is a new page for us, but we are excited to be featuring the individuals who have volunteered their time and shared their talents with us.  Being a community oriented non-profit organization,  we depend on volunteers to help us accomplish a lot of what we do.  We hope anyone reading this page will help us thank these folks. 

 Special thanks to the following Volunteers: 

Board members:  Susan Behring,Tammy Reynolds,  Claudia Oyler, Paul Buck, Dave Neidert,  Jeff Lowe, Joyce Dean,   Jody Durfee   and . Amber Rust,

Other Office and Staff Volunteers:  Director: Susan Neidert, 

                         Publicity Specialist: Sarah Yates

                         Special  Project helpers: Tiffany Herzog,  Sydney Anderson, Angie Rassmusen

                          Improv Director:  Barbara Dawson 


2008 Volunteer of the Year:  Our Volunteer of the year is Sarah Yates.  She has logged in over 100 hours serving as our newspaper publicity coordinator.  You'll find her in the office most Thursday mornings, calling around for details, typing and proofing our weekly calendars.  we really appreciate the great job she does.


2009 Volunteer(s) of the month:   

January:  Thanks to friends - Molly Drake, Mary Wilderson, Kodi Kihlstadius

April and May: Angie Rassmussen, Miss Bonnie Mitson, and Zac Argyle

Top  Volunteer for June, July and August is Angie Rasmussen Cronin.  She has been a great help as an artist and put in over 150 hours. Also continued thanks to Sarah Yates and the Mitson family.


       Short term deep cleaning:

              Dusting and reorganizing our reading corner bookshelf.

       Help with recording and putting away new costumes in our prop closet

       Help with rebuilding a Mr. Sun parade  puppet  ( some sewing a gluing skills needed.)

       Flyer, hand out designer about an hour or two a week* ( need good computer skills and good sense  of
                    page design) * This opportunity year round- ie after school