Puppets in the Park Pictures

Our  Pirate Crew June  26, 2009

Top Right: Bonnie Mitson

Top Left: The boat

Top Middle Right: Mary & James Richardson

Middle Left: Sydnee Nethery, Reagyn Delozier, & Alice Richardson

Bottom Middle Right: Julianna & Adrianna Thode

Bottom Left: Dallan Richards

Bottom Right: Kitsel Lusted & Megan Richards

Shown here, in front of the ship they cruised into Pioneer Park on,  are the cast from: “The Problem with Pirates”  Bottom Left  Dallan Richards, Ephraim Taylor, James Richardson, JuliannaThode,  Sydnee Nethery,  Megan Richards,  Reagyn Delozier, (Standing middle) Kitsel Lusted, and Alice Richardson  (Back row standing)  Bonnie Mitson, Katelyn Steed, Mary Richardson, Jayden Wanless, and Adrianna Thode.