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Basic Photography

Basic and Intermediate

Instructor:  Amber Rust

Basic Photography - Thursdays 6:30-8:00
Fine Arts Center (unless otherwise noted)

Basic Photography 
This class is taught by photographer Amber Rust, owner of  Two Color Photography in Brigham City.  Amber has additional experience in photo editing, and graphic design.   Here is a class for the public to learn ways to take better pictures!!  Tentative plans are to  offer the class 2 to 3 times per year as a 6 week evening class.  The next class is scheduled to start Thursday in September 2010.  This will be a five week course on  Thursdays.   Pre- registration by phone  at least two days ahead is requested,  call the Fine Arts Center at  435-723-0740 or e-mail us at bcfineartscenter@aol.com.   Cost 1s  $30.  Students are taught to explore their cameras helping them to understand more of what to expect of their individual cameras.  Principles are taught relating to both digital and 35mm photography.  Learn how to take the pictures you want to have as memories.  Includes composition, portrait and subject matter considerations as well as the mechanics of getting a good picture.   The last two classes are scheduled to use the computer lab at the Lincoln Center ( 271 No on 100 West).  A minimum of  6 students needed for class to run. 

Intermediate Photography
We held our first intermediate class with great success in Spring of 2009.  If enough interest is shown, we will consider adding another intermediate class in in October 2009. Persons can call to indicate their interest at 723-0740.   This intermediate class, offered as a four week course,  will be on Tuesday or Thursday evenings  from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.   Students can look forward to a more hands on experience than in the Basic Photography Class.  They will have models for posing techniques,  go on location for landscape technics, and delve into the world of more advanced lighting techniques.  This class will be taught by photographer Amber Rust, owner of Two Color Photography in Brigham City.  Preregistration is a must for this class!

Final Projects
Both the Basic and the Intermediate photography classes are scheduled to end on the same week.  Each class will have to submit a final project that will be enlarged and mounted or framed to be displayed on a traveling photo exhibit.  This exhibit roams around the different businesses in Brigham City.  Each location is home to the exhibit for approximately a week.