2010 Classes at the Fine Arts Center

58 South 100 West, Brigham City, 84302


Spring  Arts Classes

at the Fine Arts Center 

Spring  classes are scheduled to start  the week of  March 22, 2010.     A minimum of 7 students is needed for a class to run. You can call the Fine Arts Center for more information, or to register, at the number above.  Some youth scholarships are available ,  contact Susan at the Fine Arts Center for more information  435-723-0740.


Basic Youth DrawingTuesdays from 4 to 5 pm. ( 8 week CLASS) This is for youth 9 to 12 years of age.    Students will learn and practice drawing skills and techniques. Instructor is Brad Williams. Cost is $35  for this 7 week class and includes supplies.  Brad Williams is an illustrator and educator and is currently teaching Art and drawing at Box Elder High School.
Puppetry: Tuesdays from 4 to 5 pm for youth 8 years and up.  Make your own puppet and learn performance techniques.  This 5 week class is $25 and includes materials. Instructor is Susan Neidert
Teen Drawing:Wednesdays  4 to 5 pm .  8 week class still waiting for enough students to start.   We hope to start January 27  or the first week in February. Courtney Reeder Earl, instructor.  Cost $32 includes materials.
Teen Drumming: Wednesdays 4 -5 pm.  This  group class is being offered by Nathan Chappell and is scheduled to restart Wednesday march 24th.  This class will be good for repeat students and new students alike.   Students will learn a variety of rhythms and playing styles, including arabic and african drum.  The main drum type will be djembe's  and or congas.  We have drums for beginners to start with.  This is excellent training for percussionists as well as a unique chance to learn  fascinating drum/ rhythm techniques.  Chappell plays for arabic and african dance groups as well as in a few bands. Cost is $30 for 6 weeks. 

Elementary   Theater School:  Thursdays ,  4 to 5 pm,  ( 8 WEEK CLASS)   This class is for first through fifth graders.   Learn acting techniques through theater games and end of class performance,  includes  vocal projection, stage presence and audition skills.  Instructor is Bonnie Richardson.  Cost is $32.  This will be Bonnie Richardson's third year teaching for us.  She has  a long list of theater experiences and works well with youth.   Her enthusiasm is contageous.

Intermediate Theater School:  Thursdays, 5 to 6 pm  pm.   For students gradeS 6 to  8.  Learn acting techniques including vocal projection, audition skills, memorization techniques, stage blocking  and improvisation with theater games and an end-of-class presentation.  Instructor is Bonnie Richardson. Cost is $40 for 8 week class.   This will be Bonnie Richardson's third year teaching for us.  She has a long list of theater experiences and works well with youth.   Her enthusiasm is contageous 

Youth Arts and Crafts Class: Thursdays 4-5 pm.  For grades 1 to 5,  ( 8 week class) .    Learn about great artists while using a variety of media to make weekly take home art projects.  Instructor is Karen Nelson.  Cost is $32 and includes materials.  Karen Nelson loves art and learning and has  taught art for the local school district.  She works well with children and has a wealth of ideas and knowledge to share.

Basic to Intermediate Theater Make up: This class was postponed  due to insufficient sign-ups. GENERAL INFO- Wednesdays from 4 to 5 pm . ( 6 WEEK CLASS) .  Learn techniques for proper stage make up, including  design for aging, adding facial hair, animal represention, and life like injuries.  Class fee includes quality stage make up kit to keep.  Great hands on experience .  Instructor is Jamie Lofthouse.  Cost is $35.   Jamie Lofthouse has a masters degree in Theater lighting design, as well as extensive theater experience and training,  and is very dedicated to the art of theater.


Improv Faction: Open attendance- Thursdays or Fridays - please call for latest schedule.  5 to 6 pmFor 10th grade students through early college.  Now meets most  Thursday afternoons at the Fine Arts Center and is  under the direction of Barbara Dawson. Call or check web site if new to this program.   Open to all interested students.   Learn characterization and other acting skills while enjoying the fun of  improvisational games.  There is no  fee to participate in this program, which also offers periodic performance opportunities. Barbara has been active in theater since high school and  has a wealth of knowledge and ideas to share.  Her greatest love is improv and she has a knack for bringing out the best in everyone. Call for next meeting date if new. 435-723-0740

ADULT/EVENING CLASSES These classes are also open to high school students.

  Basic to Intermediate Drawing: Tuesdays 7 to 9 pm. This six week class will cover sketching exercises and techniques, as well as human, animal, and still life drawing considerations. Instructor is Michael Calles.  Cost is $45.

                 Basic  Cake Decorating:     General info-  Wednesdays 7 to 9 pm   (6  weeks.)    Participants  learn all the basics from  better cake and icing recipes to techniques for a variety of cake decorating designs. Instructor is Teralyn Smith of  Frosted  Sensations.   Call for more details or to pre-register.  Cost is  $50. Postponed til Fall.  Call for more details.

Classes already in session: ( and offered  twice a year for future reference) 

Wasatch Children' s Choir:  Mondays, 4 to 5 pm,  thru May 17th  with a performance scheduled for May 10,  for ages 5 through 7 years.  Children learn vocal and memorization techniques and  experience the fun of singing together,  performing simple choreography.  They  develop a stage presence and have solo opportunities.   Instructor is Janni Richards.   Cost is $55 for 14 weeks or $20 per month. There will be no class on school holidays: Jan 18, February 15, March 8, April 19.   Janni Richards has led singing groups for several years, and is a dynamic instructor,  well liked by her students.

Wasatch Youth ChoirMondays  5 to 6 pm, thru May 17th with performance scheduled for  May 10th,  from 5-6 pm  for 8 to 14 years.  Students learn music appreciation, team work, and singing techniques.  There  is an emphasis on individual voice techniques, as well as pitch and  rhythm,   Each student in this class will have the opportunity to perform a solo.  Cost is $55 for 14 weeks or $20/month. No class planned on school holidays: Jan 18, February 15, March 8, April 19.  Janni Richards has had several years successful experience leading singing groups and offering private voice lessons.  She is a dynamic instructor and well liked by her students.

Theatre Workshop:  Thursdays, 6:30 to 8:30 pm. January 14th through April  15  for students in grades 9 through 12.  Under the direction of Barbara Dawson.    Develop acting skills, characterization and improv techniques as well as  different aspects of theater, put on a community theater production.   This season the students will be putting on a show entitled "Death by Chocolate" by Paul Freed.  With Performance dates  scheduled for Thirsday, Friday , Saturday and Monday  April 8, 9, 10, and 12.  Class registration fee is $40.  Barbara is an experienced and very capable director and will be directing her third season for the Theatre Workshop program.

  These classes are scheduled to be offered again in the Fall of 2010:
             Basic Watercolor:  Full- tentative schedule for another session in March .  GENERAL INFO- Wednesdays 7 to 9 pm ( 6 weeks).  This class will include an introduction to watercolor as an art media along with a series of  weekly  projects to learn and develop techniques.  Beginners will learn tools and paint materials to use.   Instructor is Nicole Oksness.  Cost is $40 for 6 weeks

                 Group Guitar: full - check about possible repeat in March.  GENERAL INFO- Wednesdays 8 pm to  8:45 pm January 13 through February 17th.  This class being offered by Master Guitar player Austin Weyand.  Cost is  $75  ( $10 off for early registration. ) Call 435-452-2352 for more info or to register.

                 Basic Photography: full - tentative next class scheduled for  September .  GENERAL INFO- Thursdays 6:30 to 8 pm. for 5 weeks,  .   Amber Rust of Two Color Photography  is instructor.  Class fee is $30. Learn to really use your own camera, 35 mm or digital and get the pictures you want. 

Puppet making  workshops are also available by appointment