Local Storytelling


Love to hear a good story?  The Fine Arts Center of Brigham City’s will again feature storytelling as part of its fifth annual ATRT-TELL  event with Story telling and a themed art show tgheh week of April 16-21.  Storytelling will be celebrated the first half of the week at the USU Brigham City Campus.    Come join us as youth contest winners and various  USU faculty share stories and reading time the first half of the week.      A local storytelling contest for local youth  will be heldThe end of March- tentaively scheduled for the 30th.    Watch for more details early in March 2012.  


Contact Michele Schuman at the Brigham City Library  723-5850 or Susan Neidert at the Fine Arts center for more information including contact information.


Local Storytellers

Joyce Dean:  Joyce lives in Brigham City  and  has had a lot of experience sharing her favorite stories at Lakeview school while heading up a story hour there.  She has also encouraged story telling with a local girl scout program and helped with puppet storytelling at the Fine Arts Center.  Joyce has her own sparkle and  fun way of presenting and getting into her stories that will caprtivate any age audience. 

Connie Edwards:  Connie enjoys being a creative teller- sharing different ideas and perspectives.  She works at the Brigham City Library and knows the power of a good story.

Sherry Grenko:  Comes from a family where storytelling was an everyday thing, and has raised her own children with that same storytelling tradition.   She has a flare and confidence that makes all of her stories, which are mostly originals, come to llife.   She tells her stories boldly with a twinkle in her eye and a mischieious variety of voices.  She lives in Perry, Utah.


Cari Hunt: First fell in love with story telling when she won a prize for storytelling in high school.  She revived that interest when starting as librarian for Foothill school 16 years ago and has been enjoying storytelling since.  She also has taught youth afterschool classes in storytelling.


Claudia Oyler:  Lives in Willard and has been a school librarian for several years.  She has enjoyed reading stories for children  as part of her job and most recently added  live story telling for special events. Claudia has mastered the art of  bringing her stories and the feelings that go with them to life and knows how to captivate her audience. 

Michelle Schumann:  has been serving as Children’s librarian at the Brigham City Library for over 9 years now.  She offers an average of 5 youth programs a week and gets to order all the children’s picture books.  She has enjoyed using her background in theater to develop her excellent story reading and more recently storytelling skills.  

Susan Neidert:  Susan's first love is puppets. After accumulating hundreds of puppets, she found that storytelling with them has been the funnest way to share and make them come alive. She believes that stories broaden our perspective and help us better understand ourselves.  Her favorite stories are animal folk tales  and she says she is addicted to watching happy, giggling children as they  become wrapped up in a story or tale.  

Connie and Cumin Taylor: This husband and wife team joined us for a series of Halloween tales and say they are hooked.  We look forward to hearing more from them. Having homeschooled several of their children, then have plenty of opportunity to hone their skills.