This is our annual campaign for local financial support which concludes in April in conjunction with  visual arts and storytelling contests and related festivities.  
ART-TELL Sponsorships and Donations- ART-TELL is a chance for local artists and youth story tellers to show their stuff.  It is also a great time of year to acknowledge everyone who has helped us provide arts classes, camps, workshops, and other activities.  As a nonprofit organization working to provide a variety of affordable fine arts opportunities, donations and grants are what have made so much of what we do possible.  This is our 15th year in the community and we are grateful for what we are now able to offer.
Tax Exempt Status:  The Fine Arts Center is a 501C(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and providing Fine Arts  opportunities to youth and families. Funds raised help provide summer camps and  arts classes for youth, school workshops, and community outreach activities.  We not only work to encourage youth and wanna-be artists, but believe good arts activities help build self awareness, self esteem, and respect, as well as  appreciation for the community. One of our goal is also to help provide positive character building activities for teens.  We are here to be an asset to the community and have collaborated with the local schools, the Bird Refuge, Scouts, LINC, the Boys and Girls Club, and The Box Elder Family Support Center.
Donors are now recognized  on our website  and  in all show or concert program booklets.  During ART-TELL we will be recognizing all of our awesome community arts supporters on a designer poster and in a formal ART-TELL booklet.   Help us celebrate the fantastic way art and culture add to our community, making Brigham City not only a great place to work , but a great place to live.
All donations are sincerely welcome and tax deductible. Donors of $40 or more will be recognized as patrons, $100 or more as bronze backers,  $250 or more as  Super Bronze Backers,  $500 or more as silver contributors, $1000 or more as Gold Sponsors, and $5000 or more as Platinum Donors.  Donors’ names will be included on the Art Poster. Donations received  by April 1 will be included in the same year designer poster and the ART-TELL
The 2014 Designer Art Poster:

Another way to support the Fine Arts Center and the arts scene in Brigham City  is to submit your name to be  included in our annual  designer poster.    Artist Dave Kafton will put together a graphic design made up of names of individuals and companies.  Company names will be included for $40 each, and individuals can have their name included for $25.  Applications to submit names are available on our web site or in the FAC office and must be received by March 29.    The finished masterpiece will be on display during ART-TELL along with 8.5" by 11"color copies for participants.  Frame worthy 11” x 17” prints of the finished art work can be ordered for an additional $5. 


We hope you will join us in celebrating this wonderfully artistic community.  You can help us make this a fun community wide event as we strive to make Brigham City and the surrounding community a better place to live, full of opportunities and great artistic things to do. For more information, please contact our office at 435-723-0740 or