Donation information

Below you will find what your much-needed donation does for The Fine Arts Center. To donate follow this link:  Donate

Who are we?

The center is a 501 C(3) non profit organization dedicated to "Empowering lives through the Arts" by promoting and providing (affordable) fine arts opportunities for youth and families in the community. Our goals have been to teach arts skills, inspire creativity, support local artists, and give youth and families a place they can enjoy feeling feel a part of. We strongly believe art can help build respect for self and community and make our community a better place to live.

What do we do?

Programs offered: 

- Summer Camps : in the varied arts, theater, nature and art, youth story time.

- After school/evening class in: drawing, youth choir, theater school (In 3 different age groups), puppetry and other visual arts.

- Free afterschool/ early evening teen activities: Mentored Music, art, and writing space, a teen volunteer service program, Improv, and a teen motivational class.

-Classes for adults and high school youth: photography, drawing, sculpture, and painting.

Fine Arts opportunities:   

Music in the City - A high-quality concert series, (October through May)
Monthly open mic nights,
Recital space for music/private lesson teachers,
Creative dance,
Periodic family events- live theater, and puppet

Last year over 10,000 people benefit from our programs and services. Over 400 participating directly in classes lasting 6 to15 hours. Over 2000 participating in various puppetry workshops. As a grass roots entity, we rely heavily on business and individual donations to make our many programs possible and affordable. Our desire is to never turn a child away based on ability to pay.

What are our funding sources? 

We are in our 14th year of service to the community and as mentioned above we have relied heavily on corporate and individual donations to make our many community centered programs possible. We also have a few awesome volunteers helping with PR and program administration.
Marie Eccles Caine Foundation/Russell Family $4500-$5000
Utah Arts and Museums grants $500- $2000 per year
The Boeing Employee's community Fund
Box Elder County Tourism grants- ( last year covered half
the cost of re-shingling our building
Other income: Class and program fees collected > $18,000
Building/Utilities donated (NFT Funding) $5000- $7000 annually
Individual, community group and corporate donations $10,000 annually 

What are our expenses: 

Teacher salaries, maintenance, book keeping, art supplies, office supplies, copies for classes, insurance, etc...

Donation needs:
Donations help with supplies, facility maintenance, instructor fees, and the upkeep and staffing of the World of Puppetry Museum. Donations also help us keep class fees low, and offer partial scholarships for those in financial need, so that no youth wanting to participate is left out.

Donations to help with new free teen programming. Resource materials, arts supplies and copies for students, stipends for presenters, and funding to cover staff coordination of volunteers and PR.

Other 2014-2015 services provided as a result of donations and grants:
 - ART-TELL activities to encourage and promote local artists with a week of art contests, and storytelling.
 - Community youth, arts-related activities: spring and fall, during school holidays, Christmas gift making day
 - Monthly preschool puppet story time and music time (9 months per year)
 - Open mic nights: One Saturday night a month
 - Puppet making workshops in Schools: for various school classrooms (15 planned for 2016)
 - Community puppet making workshops
 - Weekly Improv for teens and Teen Music Time (Free)
 - A volunteer service opportunity group for teens that meets weekly on Wednesday
 - Big Buddy Book Bash – 5 Tuesdays with reading, puppet show, and games with Interact High,
school youth.
 - Music in the City Concert Series -7 series concert events with special live entertainment 

VOLUNTEERS: We also welcome volunteer board members who might be able to join us monthly to oversee and advise the Fine Arts Center. We currently meet the third Monday evening of the month at 6:15 pm. Call for more infomation. Here is your chance to have a role in promoting and directing art development in the community.


Your donations make a difference and are tax deductible! 

Thanks to some regular supporters and donors, we have done well over the past 15 years. We are your Art Center and in these times when corporate support is down and more families are dealing with job change and loss, we welcome individuals and groups who would help sponsor additional programs and scholarships. We have kept class fees to a bare minimum and offered more scholarships this past year, and now our cash reserves are down. Anyone or group wanting to help sponsor one of the following activities is warmly welcomed: We would gladly acknowledge and advertise donors for subsidizing the following activities:

1. Youth Gift Making Day: (second weekend in December) $100 to continue the program as before, covering supplies and preparation.

2. Community Art days: $100 to offer free art craft days 2-3 hours to walk in and do art projects that day.

3. Puppet shows: guest or in-house formal shows on Friday afternoons. $100 per show.

4. Environmental show: formal puppet show and activity promoting an anti-litter, "leave no trace" presentation. $100 a show.

We welcome your donations to support any of our fine programs.