"The Gandy Dancers is a fictional musical about the clash of cultures between the Mormon community in Brigham City and the railroaders at the time of the driving of the golden spike in 1869. While the individuals are fictitious, the incidents  and setting are historical .  Mark Mason is intrigued by the lovely widow, Laura Nichols, but their relationship is strained by the differences in  their backgrounds as well as the arrival of Corinne, Mark's former fiance. Sarah Lou provides many delightful comedic  and musical moments of the show as well as some of the most critical problems for the Mormons as she symbolizes their gradual absorption of the new ideas.  This show is a musical romp some times hilarious and sometimes heart rending.  Written locally by Drauca Holmes and Lucille Lawson in  1969 and enthralled audience   for the  Centennial celebration of the spike site.  We are delight to have their permission to bring it back for the 150th celebration. 

FYI: "Gandy Dancers" were the "section" railroad workers or track layers. There are various theories about the derivation of the term, but most refer to the "dancing" movements of the workers using a specially manufactured 5-foot (1.52 m) "lining" bar, which came to be called a "gandy", as a lever to keep the tracks in alignment. 

Images from "Gandy Dancers" A Musical - June 6-10, 2019