The show is getting there and yesterday the first act was fun- beside a few scene change issues- and the second act was so close-  Thank you so much  for all your hard work and theater discipline.  You all are so awesome to help us bring back a bit of history in such a fun way. 

Tuesday - June 4 :   Rehearsal call is  6 pm or earlier.   You all need to be in costume and make up and ready to start at 6:30 pm.  I think we need snap lines for scene 7 to make sure Francine is ready.  I hope that Judd and Sarah will review their lines from scene 5.  I suggest everyone go through their songs so they are fresh in their mind-  I will be asking a few people  to go over their songs with Rebecca ( pianist to review timing and pitch)  

 Hopefully everyone will be present to give us a full rehearsal. Please do what you need to stay healthy!  

And Yes- We will be rehearsing Wednesday June 5.  If we can tighten up the show it will be 2 hours or less total.  WE will plan to start the actual show by 7:30 on Wednesday.  I may bring in some audience to watch the show- so everyone needs to be ready. 

SHOW TIMES: " Your "Call" will be 90 or more  minutes before show time unless we decide differently ( which is 6 pm for evening shows and 12:30 pm for the Saturday matinee.  We need to do a group warm  up  and be off the stage by  30 minutes before the show starts while our audience is arriving and finding their seats. 

Show times are:  Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday June 6,7,8, and 10   7:30 pm

Saturday  June 8   matinee at  2 pm. Ideally this show can be done in 90-100 minutes- 2 hours with intermission.   

Updated Sunday May 16, 2019

For quesions you can text, call or email Susan at 435-730-2487 or . Address emails as Gandy questions for Susan