Please note: We are planning to take  group pictures on Wednesday May 22 to use with advertising the show.  Plan to wear your costume Monday so we know we are ready for Wednesday

       For Monday May 20:  

I would like to plan to go over the Family and Jonah Songs right at 7 Pm- For all  Family members and Judd,  please plan to come early- ie any time after 6:30 pm. so we are ready to start downstairs on time.  Parking will get difficult right around 7 pm.  Please plan to have costumes on right at  7 pm so we can see how all costumes work together.  

Rehearsal will hopefully be a chance to snap lines in all big group scenes ( we will not do songs while snapping lines)  Those who are not in the big scenes should be snapping lines in one of the side rooms. 

start  with Act I scenes 1,2, & first half of 5 and Act II scenes 3,5,6, 7, 9  We can end this part early if everyone remembers lines and keeps the practice going smoothly.   BUT We still need to go over these sections a couple times each-  to speed up the dialog in several places!  Please also keep going over your lines a couple times a day. 

The second half of rehearsal will be everyone in Act I scenes 3, 4, 6,  and 7 , and Act II scenes 1,2, 8,10 and 11,   Possibly practice Scene Burg on the Bear song after  8:45 pm

Gandy Dancers cast info :

FYI: For ease of communicating here are cast groups most likely to be performing together.

Parker family includes: Bishop, Harriet, Minah, Laura, Sarah, Elspeth, Franny, Jon and Jason

Townspeople- Judd, Kathryn, Janet, Ellen, and Bridget plus:  Stan , 

Railroaders : Mark, Chuck, Bill, Nute, Sy,  Dave , and ? 

Soiled Doves include: Zelda, Maisie,  Francine- include Bob Walker  Saloon owner

Please plan to practice in full costume from now on. This especially includes shoe or foot-wear.  

Schedule for your calendar: 

 Monday May 20 :  ( Opera program upstairs- parking may be challenging sorry) Everyone Plan on  coming to  snap lines and getting your costume evaluated.  See Monday schedule above. 

Wednesday May 22 run through all of play- 7-9 pmEveryone and in full costume

Friday May 24   run whole show  6-8 pm  or as best meets cast everyone or trouble shoot problem parts- practice in full costume 

Saturday May 25 :  1-3 pm?  ( to  trouble shoot problem  scenes) 

Monday May 27      7-9 pm Everyone for entire time.  in full costume . 

Wednesday May 29 everyone- Full show

Saturday June 1st  9- 12 noon or 1 pm  for Everyone.  May  need to go slightly longer to  accomodate  light  tech- full show with Make- up?  

Monday -  June 3 ,  7-9 pm Everyone - full play

Tuesday - June 4 dress  rehearsal  7-9 pm  a final dress rehearsal?  , Wednesday June 5 if needed 

SHOW TIMES: " Your "Call" will be 90 or more  minutes before show time unless we decide differently ( that means you plan to show up and get costume and make up on so you are completely ready for the show a full 45 minutes before it begins- ( because we need to do a group warm   up  time and be off the stage by  30 minutes before the show starts while our audience is arriving and finding their seats. 

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday June 6,7,8, and 10  run show 7:30 pm

Saturday  June 8   matinee at  2 pm. 

Updated Sunday May 16, 2019

For quesions you can text, call or email Susan at 435-730-2487 or . Address emails as Gandy questions for Susan