Fairy House
Supplies provided: Foam noodle slice, cone paper cup, small flowers
Supplies needed: small sticks, hot glue or e-6000 glue, paint
General Instructions:
Paint roof (cone paper cup) with acrylic paint of your choice (optional)
Glue sticks onto dry, painted roof
Design door and shutters with sticks and glue
Glue Roof on top of foam noodleGlue doors, and shutters on noodle, Glue small flowers next to doors


Supplies provided: Round clothes pin, wood base, flower petals, leaves for wings and hat, curly doll hair, pipe cleaner
Supplies needed: small permanent magic markers, glue, scissors
General Instructions:
To make arms—wrap pipe cleaner around clothes pin at shoulder
height. Form hands as desired. Cut off excess
For skirt glue two layers of petals around waist area
Glue clothes pin to base so it will stand easier
Glue petal pieces for dress top and sleeves
Twist leaves together to form wings—glue at upper back
Glue on hair as desired
Make a hat using a leaf or flower petal if desiredDraw on face with permanent marker

Fairy Gnome Garden Instructions

Be creative and make your Fairy Garden unique!
Add any accessories you choose:
pond, fish, path, mushroom, ladybugs, stone edges, more plants or flowers or anything else you can create. Have fun and take a picture of your finished garden and send to:


Supplies provided: 2 large wooden beads for body, one small wooded bead for nose, Felt for hat and cape, white fur for beard. Supplies needed: glue, scissors
General Instructions:
Glue medium sized bead on top of larger bead for body. Glue nose in center of face
Glue triangular shaped fur just below nose for beard
Cut out triangle for hat—glue to make cone shape. Glue to top of Gnome head
making sure to touch the nose
Cut out cape and glue to back of neck and under the beard