Our family craft for the Fine Arts Center’s spring fling has been fairy /gnome gardens. We are challenging families to spend an evening putting together their own table top fairy / gnome garden. . . . and then sending us a picture of it to be shared on our Fine Arts Center website. We had kits that included all the basic supplies needed. You might  want to compile your own.  We still have cone shape cups to help form the fairy house roof if you want to call ahead to get that,  and ideas as to where to find the supplies- but please stay safe and mind the handwashing and social distancing if going out to a store. 

Drive Through Craft Challenge

Fairy/Gnome Gardens

The idea is to be creative and have something each participating family member can make to contribute. Instructions and pictures are included on our website.  Send fairy/gnome garden pictures or video to us at bcfacentries@gmail.com to be featured on our website.

Ideas for making your own
Fairy or Gnome Garden Kits

(Alpine gardens has little 4 packs of Irish

moss and Elfin baby tear plants)

  • Bowl w/ rocks in the bottom & then filled with dirt
  • 2 ground cover plants
  • 2 1/2 to 3 inch section of Pool noodle for the house
  • Supplies for 1 Fairy and 1 Gnome
  • Stones or sliced wood circles for pathway
  • Shell for pond
  • Popsicle sticks for sig
  • Various plastic / silk flowers and plants
  •  See link  below  for ideas for House, fairy and gnome 

Supplies to gather at home:

  • Sticks for fairy house roof / door / shutters
  • Small Rocks for pond edge
  • Permanent small marker for sign / fairy face
  • Rocks for lady bugs and acrylic paint
  • Hot glue or E-6000 glue (be sure to supervise children when using glue. E-6000 glue will take over-night to dry)
  • Craft scissors, pruning shears for cutting sticks (optional)