Door to Door

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

March 11, 12, and 13 @ 7:30

Matinee on the 13th @ 2:30

Presented by our Apollo Theatre Company,

Door to Door is a thought-provoking, one-act, dramatic comedy that reflects on the physical and metaphorical doors that we all face in life. The show is an ensemble piece, showcasing many different characters and the challenges they face.

In the variety of thematic scenes, we meet a woman searching for "Mr. Right", a young woman who passes up every opportunity while relying on luck, a son struggling to tell his father that he’s gay, a monster coming to terms with his human growing up, a man on a date facing a million decisions, and more. These scenes are punctuated with a series of monologues that collectively tell Trish’s story, starting from when she’s a young girl to when she becomes a woman, a wife, a mother, a survivor, and a widow.

With relatable and diverse characters, you’ll be sure to laugh and cry as you get a look behind others’ closed doors.

*Recommended for Children 8+ due to some sensitive topics ie: LGBTQ+, Suicide, & Death

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