Pied Piper The Musical

We are finding we still need everyone for the  full rehearsal time to learn the basics of this show.  Please note that a schedule change at the Fine Arts Center, will allow us to hold rehearsals 6-8 pm both Tuesday and Thursday night from here on out.  For parents of the younger rats, if this is a problem for Thursdays as well as Tuesdays, please talk to Susan. 

Tuesday October 17:  Everyone 6-8 pm

Thursday October 19: No practice - due to UEA break

Re: COSTUMES- we are working our way through the cast list visiting individually with students about costumes. 

For the rat pack:  We have acquired hooded long sleeve tee-shirts for all the regular rats-  (and supplies and design for masks for them).  We are now looking at what kind of grey leggings we can find for them.  If you have something you think can be used- please  send it with them this Tuesday.

The rat pack will also need townspeople clothes as children for the second half of the show- simple mid shin length dresses for the girls and old fashion white shirts and knickers for the boys. Let us know if you have something that can work.  We can help make knickers out of old slacks.  

We have crowns and robes for the rat king and queen  and are looking at a grey sweat outfit for the king ( with a fancy belt or banner),  and a fancier sweat shirt or sweater and skirt for the queen.


For townspeople and Pied Piper:  We have  started working on townspeople costumes. Your help finding mid length dresses or skirts and plain blouses for the girls is welcome.   

We have the  Remind account set up to send texts out for  any last minute changes.  Our goal is still to have the schedule worked out several days ahead and posted on this webpage.  So regular texts would not be needed. 

Reminder:  NO rehearsal will be scheduled :
  Thursday October 19 ( during UEA break)

  Tuesday  October 31 because of Halloween,
  Thursday of Thanks giving. 

Thanks for your patience!! We hope to make this a very positive and memorable show for your students and for you.  Susan 


Afton A - Old Widow Whiskers

Amber K - Dance Tutor

Brinya C - Duchess Dingaling

Brooklyn B - Town Person

Bryson B - Mayor

Callen J - Rat King
Maverick C - Bongo

Elsie C - Tech Crew

Emma P - Mayor's Wife

Emmett C - Loud Rat

Esther D - Town Crier

Gabe P - Tech Crew

Gwen E - Dilly

Hailey F - Rat/children

Hannah D - Mayor's Daughter

Haylee M - Flower Stall Lady

Isaac D - Rat/children

Leah B - Town Person

Lily E - Rattytatty

Maddy J - Rat/children

Maggie F - Pattycake

Marshal B - Rat/children

Cody B - School Teacher

McKenzie D - Rat/children

Melani T - Rat Queen

Niekelle C - Kittykat

Parker S - Pied Piper

Sadie P - Rat/children

Sam D - Innkeeper

Sariah A - Town Person

Taylee M - Rat/children

Trey B - Town Person

Tyke M - Rat/children


Rehearsal schedule for week of October 16