Azrael Landvatter, age 11

Foothill Elementary

Story Title - The Angel Wolf

Author - Self

This picture is a picture of my main character, Crystal. She was flying away from the evil monsters that were attacking her city, so that she could find the magical wizard who would help her save her city.

Caialee Parkin, age 11

Story-telling Title -  The Peacock and The Crane

Kate Roberts, age 8

Discovery Elementary

Story Title - Frozen

Anna and Elsa can spend time together now. They are so happy because they love each other so much. Love is the spice of life! - Kate Roberts

Lainee Roberts, age 10

Discovery Elementary

Story Title - Land of Stories 3:

A Grim Warning By Chris Colfer

Alex and Conner fight a dragon with the help of their grandma. Fighting a dragon brings excitement and spice into their lives. -Lainee Roberts

Livvy Roberts, age 5

Discovery Elementary

Story Title - Pete The Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons by James Dean and James Lipton 

Pete needs a friend to play with. He meets Callie the Cat when he is singing his button song. Friends make our life happy. -Livvy Roberts

Rennee Carroll, age 7

Lake View Elementary

Title - The Lady Bug's Journey 

The lady bug went off from his home to find a magical rainbow petal that has healing power. His mother is sick and he needs it to heal her.

Max Osuna, age 7

Discovery Elementary

Mouse in the Attic by, Max Osuna

This mouse is lonely and he lives all alone in the attic with a spider as his only friend.

Junior Spencer, age 8

Threemile Creek Elementary

Story Title - The Spider Who Lived Alone

The spider lived alone in a drawer. He meets another spider and they become best friends.

Taylor Heward, age 7

Orchard Springs Owls School

Story Title - The Butterfly Meets a Rainbow 

The butterfly is lost. He sees a rainbow. At the end of the rainbow he meets a leprechaun who helps him find his way home.

Milo Osuna, age 6

Discovery Elementary

Story Title - The Mean Mean Alligator

An alligator who bullies everyone in the swamp even his own friends.

Frannie Riley, age 6

Promontory School

Story Title - Pete's Dragon

Pete's parents are killed in a car accident. He meets a dragon who is his friend. The boy also meets a girl and she gets hurt. At the very end they become a family.

Wesley Coburn, age 6

Home School

Story Title - The Three Little Pigs

After they build all the houses before the wolf comes.

Samuel Coburn, age 5

Home School

Story Title - My Dog 

The dog was going to go outside, but there was a storm hid in the walk.

Todd Schwab, age 9

Foothill Elementary

Story Title - The Scientist

The scientist's first day and he adds too much of one ingredient and it explodes.

Karalyn Riding, age 12

Story-telling Title:

Zombelina Dances the Nutcracker by Kristyn Crow.

Sadee Grace Parkin, age 13

Story-telling Title:

The 2 Frogs - A Russian Fable

Emma Parkin, age 14

Story-telling Title:

The Man Wo Never Lies


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