ART TELL 2019:
April 15 - 20 

"On Track for shaping
         the Future"

ART-TELL: Telling a story through art and enjoying the art of storytelling.

The Fine Arts Center concluded its 12th annual ART-TELL event and Art competition with an awards ceremony. Winners announced for the High School Adult competition included:
Best of Show: Rand Smith of Roy, Utah for “Despite” a sculpture of a man trying to read despite the distraction of a cat and dog interacting on his head. ( See Photo)
1st Place Professional: Jeffery A Lowe for “Twins” a prisma color pencil drawing of a woman with two little dragons interacting over her shoulder.
1st Place Photography: Lynette Reeder for “Arrivals and Departures” a photo of a trunk in front of historic Brigham City train station.
2nd Place Professional: Jeffery Lowe for “Playin’ Trains” a prisma color pencil drawing of child playing with the historic Golden Spike trains on the moon and dressed in an astronaut suit. Subject is the artist’s grandson.
1st Place Amateur: Val Maughn for “Knitting Wisdom” an oil painting of her favorite aunt

2nd Place Amateur: Natalie Stallings for “Fairy Fun” an oil painting of a fairy poking at a sleeping child.

3rd Place Amateur: Gladys Minson “Sailing Forward” an oil painting of a clipper ship

Honorable Mention: to Linda Lowe for 20 by 30 inch “Illuminated Manuscript” calligraphy piece done in ink, watercolor and German gold leaf
People’s Choice: Lynette Reeder “All Aboard” an oil painting of the historic train for Golden Spike.
Youth art awards were announced Monday and included :

Ages 5 & 6

1st Place: Jett Lambright, 5 - Parents - Cami & Dustin Lambright

2nd Place: Skylee McCormick, 6 - Parents - Whitney McCormick

Ages 7 & 8

1st Place: Kate Roberts, 7, Parents - Britni & Zac Roberts

2nd Place: Sophie Whipple, 8, Parents - Luke & Bethany Whipple

3rd Place: Bailey Guyman, 7, Parents - Dayna & Robert Guyman

4th Place: Jandee Cefalo, 7, Parents - Angie & Trevor Cefalo

Honorable Mention: Katie Arrington, 8 Parents - Rachel Arrington

Honorable Mention: Ethan DeWeese, 7, Parents - Briana & Chantry DeWeese

Ages 9 & 10

1st Place: Rian Jacoway, 10, Parents - Cami & Brian jacoway

2nd Place: Miles Hislop, 10 Parents - Jamie & Joey Hislop

3rd Place: Lainee Roberts, 9, Parents Britni & Zac Roberts

Honorable Mention: Charlotte Hamson, 10, Parents - Jenny & Marc Hamson

Ages 10 & 12

1st Place: Keeley Cox, 11, Parents - Udine Cox & John Cox

2nd Place: Mary Zariskie, 11, Parents - Heather & Lynn Ward

3rd Place: London Thornton, 12, Parents - Amy & Nate Thornton

Honorable Mention: Kenlee Fife, 12, Parents - Haylee & Kenton Fife

Honorable Mention: Logan Cefalo, 11, Parents - Angie & Trevor Cefalo

Youth Storytelling Winners:

Grade School Winners:

1st Place: CaialeeParkin age 10, Parents - Jodee and Michael Parkin. Cai is a 4th grader at Foothill Elementary. she shared her own version of "Jack and the Bean Stalk". Cai has been surrounded by family members who also love to share stories. Shi is descriptive in her storytelling and engages the audience. She loves dogs and tumbling.

2nd Place: Oliver Connor age 10, Parents - Bryan and Gina Connor

Oliver is a 4th grader at Discovery Elementary. He shared "The Boy Who Saved the Stars" by Doris Valleja. He is very articulate and was able to share his excitement about his story. In his free time, Oliver loves to play soccer and with Legos. The person who has encouraged him the most in storytelling is his grandpa.

Secondary School Winners: 

1st Place: Emma Parkin age 13, Parents - Jodee and Michael Parkin.

Emma is an 8th grader at Box Elder Middle School. she shared an original story, titled "Clay". Emma has been actively involved in theatre and puppetry, and is now part of the Teen Puppet Troop at the Fine Arts Center.