Art Tell 2018

Monday April 16,  @ 4 pm - Youth Art  Contest  Exhibit opens  and winners announced. Youth Story telling winners also announced and stories shared.

Tuesday and Wednesday - Themed art entries received 2-7:30 pm.   All entries due by  Wednesday April 18th at 7:30 pm.  Youth Art on Exhibit. 

Thursday - through Saturday Exhibit of themed art competition open 2-7:30 pm

Friday - Exhibit 2-7:30 pm  and Music in the City with Linford Band at
       7:30 pm

Saturday  Gala Dinner, Sat. April 21 ( Reserve by Monday 4/16/18.)

       Exhibit 2-7:30 pm   Dinner at 6 pm and free reception and        art awards reception at  7:30 pm. 

Come join us, bring your art in, or come to look and be inspired by local artists.
A variety of mediums welcomed.

Entry fee only $5 for each piece of art work. 

Cash prizes  for winners in both professional and amateur categories.