Our First Incubator was held

Wednesday, January 6, 2021   

If you are interested in attending please contact the Fine Arts Center for the next meeting time. 435-723-0740

Ages adults and teens 15 +


What could an art incubator support group and maker space do to help inspiring artists in this community? If you are a creative “maker” person or an artist who likes to try new techniques, create new and different designs, and/or wants to make a statement on issues you are passionate about, this group is for you. The Fine Arts Center is hoping to start by getting creatives together to meet and share how they find inspiration and how they have found ways to help them bring their ideas to fruition. Newer artists or wanna be’s would be encouraged to share descriptions or pictures of works of art that have inspired them or sketches of what they would like to do.

We will also be brainstorming on arts classes and techniques that attendees would like to see available and talk about what maker space could look like.

There is no charge and artists and wanna-be artist are all welcome.

Preregistration encouraged, but not necessary. Covid safety rules will be followed and masks will be required. For more information or questions call 435-723-0740