Pay it Forward background

What is the "Pay it Forward" Youth in Action Service Club all about?

This club is for and by youth 12 to 15 years of age.  Our goals are to be a service club while developing our creativity, leadership, and service skills.  The plan is to meet weekly on Wednesdays and plan at least two group service projects a month.  Information on additional volunteer opportunities will be shared at those times and on this site . 

The  Fine Arts Center has also been certified to help acknowledge  and forward volunteer service to the presidential volunteer service award center.  Students under 15 years can  receive this recognition  for 75 hours of volunteer service.  For students  15 and older the amount of time accrued must  be 100 hours or more. 
Mission statement:

As a community based entity, it is our mission to:

Provide young people between the ages of 12-15, an opportunity for positive personal and social interaction that includes;

· Using creative arts as a means of self-expression and personal growth,

·  Organizing  and offering volunteer service opportunities 

· Helping youth prove their ability to be a positive force in the community.
Our goals are to: 


            Allow the youth to be part of a core leadership group that will organize activities  and meet the scheduling needs
                            of the group

            Provide opportunities to learn about the qualities of a  good volunteer, employee and leader           

            Encourage discussion , goal setting and personal integrity. Service

            Integrate into the community as a volunteer service resource to help with same value based projects ie., Special
Headstart, Community Center, Parks and Rec. (must share one of the three values from the
                               vision statement)

            Provide a sense of community

            Build self-esteem through selfless acts


            Help youth learn to appreciate the diversity of the individual through creative expression

            Promote confidence through learning and participating in creative experiences, ie., crafts, social interactions,
                   music, etc.,

            Provide opportunities for youth to teach each other and learn  through their varied interests. 


No fee for this program, but parents still need to sign a consent form.

 Adult coordinators are  Marilyn Peterson, Kris Nelson, Dianna Donat and Susan Neidert

Call the Fine Arts Center  at 435-723-0740 or one of the above for more information.