The Fine Arts Center has several classes  and programs for teens.  Free activities for teens are listed below or marked that a class fee is requested.  

**Stop in or make this activity a regular for you.
Visit our facebook page HERE to see pictures and updates of our teen programs.  

Teen group voice is being scheduled for Mondays: 5 to 6 pm - during the school year- watch later in  September,  2016 for more details . Ages: 13 -18 yrs / Mentors: Marie Langford and Jeni Brockbank
Class Fee: FREE
This is a time for you to come and practice with your friends.
- includes Vocal Training and group vocal performance

Teen Art Space: During the school year  5-6 pm   Come learn from our art projects or bring your own.  Renown Western painter and sculpture Kelly Donovan will be joining us and serving as mentor for these sessions.  Ages: 13-18 yrs  Class Fee: FREE
Bring your own art project and supplies. 

Pay it forward, Youth in Action: Meets year round
Wednesdays  3:45 - 5:00 pm  - Ongoing
Youth ages 12-15 yrs. old. 
Class fee: FREE
Pay it Forward is a volunteer group for youth. There is a mentor, a regular meeting time (if there is not a special activity that week), a variety of activities to try out and a chance to help be an active part of the planning. More Pay it forward Information here 

Improv Faction: **
Thursdays 5-6 pm -
Ages: 9th grade and up. 

Try your hand at improvisation!!! Improv Faction invites students 9th through 12th grade and up to join them for weekly improvisation fun at the Fine Arts Center. Everyone is welcome! There is no fee for participating youth.

This Improv Faction group will also periodically have the opportunity to perform for special community programs.

The sessions are moderated by Bruce Baird with  over 6 years of improv experience.  He will be helping students learn and develop poise, wit, humor, ad-libbing, and characterization skills on stage. Interested students are welcome to stop in for a session or call for more information. Stop in to watch or to try it out in this fun and supportive environment.

Past activities we hope to do again:
SONGWRITING WORKSHOP:  A five-night Songwriting Workshop for teens and college students was presented at the Fine Arts Center in Brigham City during spring break, Monday through Friday, April 4-8, 2016 , from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Sponsored by Alpine Church, the workshop was conducted by Maddie Tallman,and focused on teaching structure, writing a hit song, overcoming writer’s block, and refining an individual’s unique talents and abilities. “Music is something that burns deeply in my soul,” says Maddie, noting that workshops provide an opportunity for her to connect with other artists. She has been writing songs all of her life, her first at age six, and wrote more than a dozen songs while in a college songwriting program, continuing to write to the present.

Her hope for these workshops is to give students “a renewed sense of inspiration and freedom in their writing”. She would love for participants “to end the week feeling equipped for success in their music, whether that is performing in a local band, writing hit songs for the radio, becoming an international YouTube star, you name it!”