Accordion Bunny

Spring Craft Project

Save Image to your computer then

print off the pattern below on Cardstock Paper. 

Use hot glue, staples or tape to put your bunny together.

1. Take one long accordion piece and fold it back and forth to make the springy body.  use the other long piece and fold it the same as the first piece.  Attach the two pieces together at the top and the bottom - making sure the second piece is right angled to the first.

2. Glue or staple the feet to the bottom of the accordion.

3. Glue the arms to the top of the accordion.

4. Roll the small strip in a circle for the head and glue to the top of the arms.

5. Color in the ears and nose with pink crayon or marker if desired. 

6. Glue the Bunny face on to the circle head.

7. Make your bunny HOP, HOP, HOP!