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Peach Days Melodrama 2016

Brigham City Fine Arts Center Peach Day's Melodrama 2016 Tickets!
Peach Days Melodrama:
"The Fantastical Finster Sisters" or "All That Glitters is Not Gold"

Shows are Sept. 9th & 10th. Get ready for some fanciful, creative science fiction and wonder, in a fantastical melodrama set in the Steampunk era. "The Fantastical Finster Sisters" or "All That Glitters is Not Gold" written by DeAnn Nichols and directed by her mom- Geri Garfield has it all!  Take a load off your feet and come inside out of the weather during Peach Days, to enjoy this classic and fun melodrama. Come boo and hiss for and with the best.

A Friday evening performance at 8 pm along with the usual 2, 4, and 6 pm shows on the Saturday of Peach Days. Tickets are $5 for individual or $20 for a family (immediate family only please).