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Peach Days Melodrama 2014

Widow Widdecombe's Woes
(or the Family that Mines together Pines Together)
written by DeeAnn Nichols
Directed by Geri Garfield

 In what has become a Peach Day tradition, an old-fashioned melodrama titled “Widow Widdicombe’s Woes” or “The Family That Mines Together Pines Together” will be presented in three performances scheduled for 2. 4 and 6 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 6, at the Fine Arts Center, 58 South 100 West, Brigham City.
This year’s musical melodrama plot revolves around poor Widow Widdicombe and her daughters, Jane and Angela, who are trying to keep body and soul together as they scrape a meager living from the mine left them by their father.  Needless to say, they encounter many difficulties caused by villainous characters.

With colorful sets, detailed costumes and live music, this 50 musical melodrama fits the bill as great family entertainment.  Come boo and hiss with the crowd and then cheer when all is resolved. 

 Included in the cast are:

 Ellen Hunsaker as Widow Widdicombe,                                Kelsey Durfee as Jane,
Derek Ritchie as Sheriff John Armstrong,                               Raygan Kohl as Angela,
Andy Peterson as family friend Ian McGregor.                       Marlene Harper as Josie 
Colton Pickarts as Muley.
                                                        William Bruce Baird as banker Edgar J. Goldstone    
Pianist for the show is Marie Langford.

To find out how the plot thickens, plan to take time out during the heat of the day for some free lemonade and to participate in some good, old fashioned fun in a cool theater. 

Tickets are $5 per person or $20 per family at the door as available call 435-723 -0740.


A worried Widow Widdecombe and daughters Jane and Angela,  Ian MacGregor getting suspicious of Muley and Edgar Goldstone,  Josey and Muley : town hooligans, Sheriff Armstrong  challenging Edgar Goldstone.