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Open Mic Nights

June  Open Mic will be 2nd Saturday, June 10, 2017

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OPEN MIC NIGHT is a monthly offering at the Fine Arts Center usually the 2nd or 3rd Saturday evening of the month- see calendar for upcoming dates. The doors open at 7:00 pm and those wishing to perform can sign up then. We also periodically hold Open Mic Openers - see below. We usually wrap it up by 9:30 pm. This venue offers a cozy, informal setting for performers to share favorites or try out a new song or routine, or to sit back enjoy an evening of local talent. We welcome solo artists and small groups- acoustic guitar, soft rock, blue grass, blues, folk, and classical music are all welcome. We also welcome comedians and poets. Performers get 8 to 10 minutes to shine on stage depending on the size of the crowd. We have 8 microphones, 2-3 DI boxes, monitors, a grand piano and the ability to burn a free CD of your performance. This is a family friendly setting. All ages welcome. Light refreshments served. Performers free, a $2 donation recommended for audience only attendees.

JUNE 10, 2017
JULY 8, 2017
AUGUST 12, 2017
SEPTEMBER 16, 2017

Open Mic Openers.  These have been sporadic-  but as We have found some awesome talent at our Open Mic nights, we have tried to set  up time to share thatby giving them some publicity and a half hour on stage to show their stuff. Watch for these- great fun and great talent all as part of our relaxed and inspiring open mic setting.
Past events at Open Mic Night --

Saturday, January 9, 2016 7:00 - was
the wonderfully talented family of Brent and Cindy Hales. They call themselves the "The Hales Family Musical Ties" and play a variety of instruments. Everyone, including children ages 10 to 23, plays the fiddle. Eldest son, Brent Ray, has won many awards for his fiddle playing. As a group their instrumentation also includes guitar, bass fiddle, mandolin, banjo, bagpipes, drums, wash board and vocals. They mostly do Celtic and Blue Grass music, but like to throw in a Broadway hit or two and occasionally some Celtic dance. They live in Pleasant View and currently average 5 shows a month throughout the Ogden area. Their energetic, upbeat music continues to be a real crowd pleaser. We are excited to have them join us to get us off to a good start for the year.
They can be seen on youtube at Hales Family Music and on their website at:

The Hales Family Musical Ties appearing at The Brigham City Fine Arts Center, Saturday, January 9 at 7pm.
Starting his acting career as an Elvis impersonator- Batzel  now periodically does what he calls a Tribute to Elvis for charity and special occasions.  

Joe started doing Elvis at the age of 19.  He was always a big Elvis fan as a kid and went to all of Elvis’s films, and listened to his records over and over. He had so much respect for Elvis and his remarkable talent,  and his unbelievable charisma.

Joe being a fairly shy child due to his disability always wanted to have that same kind of attraction and charm. This started his journey with a variety of celebrities’ impressions, which he practiced for hours in his home by watching and listening to recordings of famous singers, actors, etc. After winning numerous city talent shows, Joe decided to branch out and take his Elvis impression to the concert stage. He started singing with a band and performed a variety of concerts. He continued doing Elvis as he attended BYU in Provo with another band and performed for numerous groups on campus.

Joe went on to get a masters degree in theater education and taught at Box Elder High school for 30 years.  He is currently an adjunct professor for Utah State University, Brigham City.

When Elvis passed away in 1977,  Joe decided to continue with his Elvis impression but only as a dedication and tribute to this awesome  man and his unique talent and mostly just for  charitable organizations.  He  is humbled and delighted for the opportunity on Saturday November 14  to pay tribute to the “King” as he sings some of Elvis’s favorite songs.  He has wowed local crowds and we are excited to have him on our stage.

 The December Open mic is set for Saturday, December 12, 2015
  at 7 pm.  

Fall 2015 Special thanks to some of this past year's openers:

Brigham City Fine Arts Center - Open Mic Night Feature - Taylor Ann

Saturday May 16, 2015:  Will feature "Taylor Ann". Taylor Ann is from Brigham City! She performs a wide genre of music. She began singing at the age of 3 yrs. old, she currently attends Box Elder Middle School. She plays the piano and spends every extra moment singing. In first grade she started singing in a church school choir. She auditioned and made the school talent show every year from 2nd grade on, has performed for the Box Elder Country Fair, American Business Women and got an audition for "America's Got Talent". She writes her own music and want to continue doing so.  She writes her music to inspire and encourage other's through all times in life. She come from a very musical family, most sing or play an instrument.  This opener feature will run 7 to 7:30 pm as the warm up for Open Mic  Night.

Saturday, April 18, 2015 - FACING WEST:
Hudson Bosworth is 16 years old and resides in Plain City, Utah. He currently attends Fremont High School. He plays numerous instruments including the guitar, banjo, fiddle, harmonica, piano, cello, drums, bass & anything he can find a rhythm or beat with. His first instrument was the piano and his Dad began teaching him guitar when he was about 5 years old. In Jr. High he got involved in the Orchestra and accomplished his goal to play every instrument in the Orchestra. Hudson has been performing throughout his life at piano recitals, orchestral concerts and most recently as a member of the band Facing West. Hudson loves to play all genres of music but Bluegrass and old-time Rock and Roll flow through his veins. His musical goals are to play in bigger venues and play as much as he can, entertaining anyone who will listen. Hudson has had many supporters and mentors along the way, including his parents and family, Grover Wilhelmsen, Ted Shupe, and Mike Iverson. When not playing music, Hudson also loves to golf and fish.

Colten Peterson is a 15 year old bass player residing in Riverdale, Utah. Currently attending TH Bell Jr High School. He has been playing for almost 5 years and in that time, has been taught by his school teachers as well as his cousin who also is an avid bass player. He has recently been playing country, but he also plays Americana and classical genres. Colten also has a love of reading, writing, drawing, and singing.

Saturday March 14, 2015- Featured a fun array of folk guitar songs about dogs and nature by Trish Painter and Ken Beck.  Trish and Ken call themselves Raven spirit, have  several songs that have written together. Ken also does some great covers of  his favorite musicians including the Beatles.

Saturday February 14, 2015-  Featured guitarist and vocalist Tim Burnett with songs that shaped his life.  From science teacher to freelance singer. Here's stories to tell and songs to enjoy. 

Story from  Tim Burnett- guest opener for February  14.  guitarist, vocalist : Come to LIFE at the BRIGHAM Arts Center Feb. 21 2015.  Celebrate life with us while you are still alive.  Hope to see you there.  It is better to be seen than viewed.  HA! 

THE BUCKET LIST.  Most folks refer to the things they want to do in life as their bucket list.  I don't have one.  I have my SOMEDAY MOMENTS and EXPERIENCES.  Things that I said I'd  like to or need to do SOMEDAY.  Me volunteering for this program is something I said I'd like to do SOMEDAY.  Most of the things we say we are going to do someday keep getting put off until someday.  And sadly someday never comes and wind up being things you regret not getting around to.  So, I am sharing one of my precious SOMEDAY MOMENTS with you.   As I get chronologically older I find it is important for me to sssssttttttrrrreeeeetttttccccchhhhhhh.  What I am doing here this evening is part of that stretching experience.  Hopefully it won't leave stretch marks.  I hope it will make some pleasant memories for you.

For years I have collected songs and sang them in a sort of random manner.  I came up with this idea of telling A STORY OF LIFE, A WALK THROUGH TIME In songs last year.  I am thankful for the opp I have tonight to share my love for music and storytelling with you.  I will share with you tonight some STORIES, wisdom, advice and some jokes.  And maybe a few songs.  All of the songs I sing to tell this life story of life are gifts from other artists.  I have modified some to fit my personality.  They are stories with music that somehow grabbed me and I related to.  I can relate them with an experience or a emotion or they bring back a memory.  And some are just darn fun to sing.   THATS LIFE

Many of these songs make me happy, some make me sad.  I sing songs about THE WAY THINGS ARE, THE WAY THINGS WERE.  I sing songs about LIFE, KIDS, FRIENDSHIPS, FAMILY, A COWBOY, GROWING UP, GROWING OLD, FALLING IN LOVE, BEING IN LOVE, FALLING OUT OF LOVE, SAYING GOODBYE and even DYING.  Even got a couple of SING ALONGS.

Saturday January 10, 2015:   Singer/songwriter Kyle Hicks from Willard, Utah  The doors open at 6:50 pm  We'll start shortly after 7 Pm. 

"Kyle Hicks is a local singer song writer performing original songs that typically capture a statement of life, love, heartache and triumph. Each song is intended to be a message designed to share a story. Performing locally from Salt Lake City to Logan at Restaurants to Farmers Markets his acoustic sounds are sure to spark a memory or thought for anyone who is listening." 


November: Kyler Tingey  who loves to perform, and has a comfortable and entertaining  style.   Kyler lived in Stuttgart Germany for the past 12 years and is here studying at USU.  Kyler,  accompanied with vocals by Erin Geiger  is an accomplished guitarist and singer/song writer who likes Indy type music and also did several great covers for us.   

  Saturday December 13, 2014: MarkandAlan .  Mark Randall and Alan Griffin have been friends of our Open Mic sessions for more than a year.   They hail from West Haven, are a witty guitar and vocal duo with tight harmonies and shared a fun variety of holiday related songs.