The 39 Steps

Adult or Student Price
Synopsis: Take a juicy spy novel turned Hitchcock masterpiece, add a splash of Monty Python, and you have an unforgettable, award-winning comedy whodunit. A man with a boring life meets a woman who claims to be a spy. When she winds up dead, a shadowy organization named "The 39 Steps" begins chasing him across Europe. The fast-paced action moves from one escapade to the next, culminating in a death-defying finale in London. Directed By Spot and Amber Beecher.
Follow the heroic Richard Hannay, and more than 150 other characters (played by only seven actors) through lightning-fast quick-changes, hilarious antics, and more Alfred Hitchcock references than you can imagine. The 39 Steps is a mystery you’ll want to solve again and again!